Hastings Castle

Hey everybody! Hope you're all having a wonderful day. This is post two out of four regarding my day trip to Hastings. If you missed my first post, you can read it here. Today's post might turn into a teenie weenie history lesson so be warned 😉 When William of Normandy landed in England in 1066, … Continue reading Hastings Castle


Today we visited the gorgeous place by the name Stowe which is located in Buckingham. From the minute we drove through the entrance gate, all I could think of was wow, the Camp Jupiter/Camp Half Blood vibes are super strong here. Literally, I could imagine demigods training here, and for those of you who are yet … Continue reading Stowe

The Vyne

Today we visited The Vyne which is a National Trust property in Basingstoke, Hampshire. I'm going to be talking you through our day which I greatly enjoyed, and share some photographs with you all too. The Vyne has such incredible gardens. I thought this arrangement was pretty awesome. The ceilings are super magnificent. I loved the … Continue reading The Vyne