my heart breaks for all the things we refuse  to acknowledge  and all the lies we learn to believe  my heart  it slowly cracks  as i stand alone  with broken souls watching this make believe world where everything is  fine break down shattered illusions oh how it mirrors our broken homes and broken lives  we're … Continue reading broken 

be a 

​be a princess who knows how to be elegant  but also a princess that knows how to walk around in scuffled shoes, and messy hair, a princess that doesn't hide behind flowers or etiquette - and a princess that isn't afraid to be known as  the princess who doesn't fit amongst the palace garden roses  … Continue reading be a 


it hits home when you run out of words  to mirror the whirlpool  contained within your mind;  it kinda feels hollow because you're so used to  emptying your soul  through twenty six letters  stringed so asthetically together  that it doesn't begin to paint  an accurate picture of our turmoils oh it's an ebbing wave  when … Continue reading blanks 

one ugly canvas 

when worries begun to blur  blur, blur  into one ugly canvas  painted with thick paintbrushes of doubt, outlined with bold pencils of fear, - you know them pencils, when no matter how much you erase, and erase and erase, the faded shadows of all your  anxieties  just remain there on the page; no longer white … Continue reading one ugly canvas