A Loan about to Expire

I thought we’d last
But I see now that we won’t.

I gave you my friendship
To last
But now it feels like a loan
That’s about to expire.

It hurts a little more than
It should
Because this is something that
Only I know.

You’re so wrapped up
In your own thoughts and
Perceptions that I doubt you’ve
Realised that time is running out
And that one day
I won’t be where you
Left me.

We don’t talk anymore;
It’s just empty stretches of silence.
Does it bother you or do you
Prefer the quietness?
It’s hard to tell because
We don’t talk anymore
Like we used to do.

Where has the times gone
Where we used to sketch
Each other into our futures?
Where you used to know how
I felt before I confessed
The urge to conquer my fears
And dreams?

I feel betrayed yet
I can’t bring myself to
Say that to you;
I hoped that you’d come
To a realisation
Because once upon a time
You would have.

Instead I’m letting go
Of the string that ties
Me and you together;
I guess some friendships
Are meant to be a lifetime
And this one isn’t
Unless you start tugging.

Don’t let go
As well,
Don’t discard me,
Like everyone else,
Don’t make me
Fade my emotions into
Nothing like the
People I had to leave
Behind in the past

I want you to prove me
I hate that it didn’t work
Out like we planned.
I was getting quite used to
Having you by my side so
I want you to prove me

But it’s too late
I reckon –
The more time
You let escape from us
The less likely I am
To pick up what I dropped
And I guess it doesn’t faze me
As much as it used to do
Because darling,
I’ve had time to adjust
And mourn already.

I’m never the one to
Walk away
Until I feel written off
And here we are –
A place I never foresaw
For me and you.

Darling, I wish you
All the best and I hope
You don’t miss the way we
Used to talk
Because that bridge is burnt
And one day I’ll just be
Someone you used to know.

Silent goodbyes kill
But you killed the friendship

I don’t mind playing
The villain role
When you reminsce on what
Went wrong where
Because I doubt you’d ever
Why we don’t talk

Having a friendship breakup unexpectedly sucks. How do you all deal with it?

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