Get to Know Kiya


I think the last time I sat down and allowed my readers to get to know me was when I was seventeen…and now I’m twenty three.

It’s crazy to think that I first started blogging on WordPress almost eight years ago! And here we are, still loyal to this blog.

I definitely took extremely long hiatuses from blogging which makes me sad; it resulted in me loosing many blogging friends, but also feeling alienated from the blogosphere.

Time passes by, and everything evolves leaving those returning to the blogging world feeling like they’re clawing away at the past.

And that’s why I thought it’d be a nice touch to reintroduce the more “polished” version of Kiya whose gone through numerous growth spurts – more emotional than physical – in the hopes I’d stumble across long lost blogging friends, but also allowing me to meet the more newer faces!

Some of my closest friends are people that I’ve met via blogging or writing sites (shout out to Wattpad). This has led me to have beautiful pen palling bonds with some of my favourite human beings ever – Croatia, France, India, Philippines, Australia, Spain to list a few.

I’m the shy, quiet, socially awkward type of person until you unlock my trust; after that, you’re doomed to endless blabber from myself and swearing yourself to keeping my deepest, darkest secrets safe.

I love fading into the shadows and maintaining my anonymity for most part, but I feel like the time has come to do a slight “face” reveal that suits my comfort level. I often feel it’s nice to have a face to a name or voice; it just makes me feel more connected and gives the post a personal touch. Like I’m actually communicating with a friend as opposed to a figment of my imagination.

Okay sue me – I love vibrant colours, and cosy fits and probably have zero fashion sense! I don’t claim to be a photogenetic person unfortunately.

I recently came across this song, In the Stars by Benson Boone, and these lyrics really hit hard. I feel like most of my life I’ve been scared or anxious to close doors in my life, and look to start new chapters because I hate giving up on ideas, dreams and people.

“Oh, I’m still holding on to everything that’s dead and gone
I don’t wanna say goodbye ’cause this one means forever…”

Life eventually taught me that holding onto things and attempting to water dead roots only hurts you. And that’s lesson one Kiya learnt out of many in the recent years!

I am somewhat musical although I was more in touch with it, in my teens. I’m slowly trying to get back into playing the piano regularly and picking up a new instrument. I used to go to weekend music school and play in orchestras/bands/choir so if we have any fellow musicians, do swing by with any tips for getting back into music. If you wish to immerse yourself into some rusty music, you can listen to my covers over at my insta kiyax_x.

I academically pursued the piano, violin and saxophone for a while, and did music theory to understand what goes into composing music. Along the way I self taught to play the family of recorders (the sound of the tenor recorder is so soothing in my opinion and the appearance of the garklein recorder is so cute!) and am currently struggling to pick up the guitar. My mind is used to reading music notation that suddenly trying to get my head around tab music is proving quite a struggle for me! I also pursued Karnatic music for a while – singing and the veena! Karnatic music originates from South India and has it’s own notation and theory – very different from Western music.

I was born in the UK, but I’m Tamil. I haven’t ever visited my motherland due to civil war, politics, safety, timing and tickets costing an arm and a leg! But I hope in the next year or two, to hop on a plane and learn more about my culture and roots. It’s one thing hearing about it, and it’s another seeing it for yourself. My real name’s meaning is *drumroll please* Literature. How fitting right!

I’ve also invented my own version of the English language due to my special way of pronouncing words. To be honest, I’m not entirely sure why I have this trait or how I managed to misread/missay words and embed it into my head. I want to say it affects only a few words but I feel like that’s becoming more and more of a lie. Every few months, someone will inform me, by the way Kiya…it’s not said like that! Latest word I say incorrectly is chameleon – but really you can’t blame me for that one! One of my more “quirky” words is yesterday pronounced by yours truly as yes-ter-today…don’t ask questions, let’s move on haha!

I’m bilingual and want to brush up on my German (it’s only up to GCSE standards) and learn some basic Korean. It would be nice to understand more of the shows without heavy reliance on subtitles. Also want to improve my Tamil and be able to write well in it. I can currently read and understand Tamil for the most part but my writing is very shaky – I blame part of it on the alphabet containing 247 letters!

Fun fact – I need subtitles for all shows/movies otherwise I feel super lost and constantly pausing and rewinding. My mind has a slight lag between connecting the audio to what I’m actually seeing, so having subtitles really helps me process the plot.

Don’t even get me started on the unhealthy amount of books I have. Some article online mentioned you only need a thousand books, before it’s considered a library. At some point, when I’m incredibly bored I plan on figuring out if I have a library or not. Anyways, to conquer this book buying habit of mine (and to prevent money trickling through my fingertips) I recently began pursing ARCs.

Admittedly, my younger self would be ashamed of the number of books I’ve consumed in the past few years – it’s at an all time low but I plan on improving my stats from here onwards! If there’s any book lovers, let me know good ARCs to request or even point me in the direction of your all time fav book or review you’ve written. I need your help to spark the passion for reading 24/7 again!

I had an intense obsession with mythology – Egyptian, Greek, Norse, Roman, Aztec. Hence I can list off a tad too many God/Godess names and spurt random facts oops. At this mature age, I’m very excited for the TV adaptation of the Percy Jackson series – I will actually cry if it’s a disappointing remake of the books.

In my spare time, I volunteer with the National Trust, and my local heritage railway line. I tend to lend my support towards crafting events, and working with children but if I see a cool opportunity open up where I can learn a “badass” skill…then I’m the first knocking at the door to sign me up! (I may or may not be on the waiting list to learn how to drive a steam train – and yes, it involves the nitty gritty from understanding the hows, whys and basics of the steam engine/train before I get to choo choo away).

I love visiting historical or natural locations – something about exploring buildings or peaceful walks makes me feel giddy. I’d recommend National Trust or English Heritage memberships for sure!

Almost a year ago, I fell victim to the kdrama fandom. I now pretty much only watch korean shows on Netflix (Viki is being eyed up) and I’ve just started watching my 40th show. I’m currently two timing between Tomorrow and Cafe Minamdang. Sometimes you might see me pop in and out of Webtoon as I try to quench my thirst for anime/manga/comics. I still take photographs – my camera roll features 0.0001% of me and more so of nature, architecture and animals. It’s on my bucketlist to do a course on editing and manipulating images. (for more magical mystical vibes – not to catfish don’t worry!)

Ah my music taste! I’m more drawn to lowkey artists and songs with feeling and a broken soul vibe to it. I like to feel seen or heard when I listen to music for the most part. I love rappers like NF or Phora; I love artists like Lauv and Jeremy Zucker. If it’s BGM I’m after, Ludovivo Einaudi or Anirudh Ravichander is my dude.

I guess you’re somewhat curious as to what my actual profession is…I’m an exam away from qualifying as an accountant with ACCA. Is that my life’s dream – not really. Is it a career that is keeping me fulfilled and content – yes. Do I know what my next steps are – help! I very much would love to find myself in the field of foresenic accounting but it’s such a small, narrow field, I’m not counting my lucky stars to see that dream materialise into reality. But hey, we’ll try a little before giving up!

For those that are nosy, I did English Literature, Maths, Chemistry and Further Maths (AS) at sixth form (such a miserable period of education haha) and then somehow bagged myself a trainee accounts job at eighteen. Not going to uni, hands down the best decision of my life but it took a while for the people around me to warm and accept that decision.

This route I took shaped me as a person, developed my character and made me more confident and independent. It’s taken me quite a while to be able to step back and see the self growth and whisper to myself, damn I’m proud of that girl. That girl being me – eek!

Mental health is something close to my heart. I’ve had to support many friends who experienced different obstacles in life, and it hurt seeing the stigma that still exists around mental health. I also struggle with sadness, overthinking and feeling anxious and agitated easily so sometimes this taps into some of my poetry and creative writing.

You know when I write more personal posts, I feel like either I’m being too big headed, self-obssessed or giving details that will allow a serial killer to hunt me down? I’m usually a very reserved, private person so right now I feel super naked to put it into simplier terms.

Is this a good look for me haha – should I do more chatty, sit down with Kiya type posts?

Let me know something about yourselves in the comments – introduce yourself to me. Promote your favourite post of yours to me – I will check it out! *wink wink* Is that enough of a bribe to make you comment?!

Can you relate to any of my expereinces or thoughts I’ve exploded out of my mind in this post? Do you have any questions for me or suggestions for future posts?

I hope you enjoyed today’s post, and feel like you know the “mystery” girl behind this blog a little more. I’d appreciate it if you could please drop a follow via wordpress/email/my socials and we can become each others cheerleaders.


14 thoughts on “Get to Know Kiya

  1. Jai Lynn says:

    Hi Kiya!! This was a great post, it was nice getting to know you πŸ™‚ I just started to pick up my violin after not playing for a year but to adjust I started back at the basics and I found it’s coming back to me like I never stopped playing! That’s amazing that you are bilingual too! I always wanted to be fluent in another language! How did you learn German?

    Fun fact I also have an accounting degree! It’s not the most fun but you are guaranteed to get a job with it. I also dabbled in a little Forensic Accounting and if you can break into the field it definitely is an exciting side of accounting!

    Liked by 1 person

    • flawed_silence says:

      Hi Jai πŸ₯° It’s so nice of you to stop by!

      I’m very happy to hear you’ve managed to ease your way back into the violin! Very encouraging tips too – I reckon some scales might help me realise my fingers do know where to press down πŸ˜… What made you take a break from it? What kind of music style do you play on it?

      If you were to commit to learning a language, which one would you pick and why? I learned German at school for five years so nothing impressive like self teaching!

      OMG that’s so cool! Aside from my workplace I don’t know anyone from my friend groups or blogging world that has an accounting background. If you don’t mind, I would love to hear or even see a blog post about your experience in Forensics πŸ‘€ what were the highlights and downsides?

      Liked by 1 person

      • Jai Lynn says:

        Hi Kiya!

        So I took a break from the violin sort of by accident haha. I didn’t mean for it to happen … it just sort of did. Work got too hectic and more and more of my time slipped away that I didn’t have the energy to pick it back up again. Which I regret, I wish I had never stopped. But I changed jobs this year and so I now have more time to play! And I am really happy to get back to it πŸ™‚ I play all sorts from Bach to Aerith’s Theme from Final Fantasy VII. Anything and everything that I want to play! How about you and your instruments? You play quite a few!

        I want to learn Italian! I was lucky enough to visit Italy twice and love the country and the language so SO much! I took Italian courses in school but I definitely did not learn enough to become fluent, so I am doing some practicing when I have time on my own.

        Forensics is so interesting! You work on a lot of interesting crime cases and can even report your findings to the courts. The downside is that it is a very solitary job. For the most part you are at the computer all day going over banking records, wire transfers, etc. looking for pieces that seem unusual or suspicious.

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      • flawed_silence says:

        Oh that’s quite the range. I feel like you’ve inspired me to listen to more classical and contemporary bgm to get me back in my feels…and that way hopefully transfer it over to an instrument aha.

        Do you play for an audience ever or post covers? Ever since I abandoned lessons/school, I’ve just played whatever suited my mood or what music I enjoyed listening too – so really it was either something pop or classical haha.

        I haven’t touched the saxaphone in years and I don’t think I’d ever pursue it much – it takes a lot of effort haha to manage your breathing and get the right pitches out and it’s too much of a loud instrument for my liking!

        Wish you all the best with learning Italian! Hopefully you can find a penpal or buddy from Italy who can help with conversations and real life experience.

        YOU HAVE GOT ME VERY EXCITED! Also lone wolf job – PLEASE sign me up haha.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Jai Lynn says:

        Believe it or not I just play the violin for myself. I love the instrument so much I don’t really play for others. It’s kind of like a sort of self care I give myself just to spend time practicing my violin and going at my own pace. I just started to duet though a bit with my boyfriend! He plays the guitar and so far I’ve been having fun with that! And yes!! I play to my mood too!! I do best when I play what I want when I want to lol πŸ™‚

        And wow the saxophone!! Kudos to you for even trying to learn how to play!! I won’t even try to play an instrument that relies on my lungs haha!

        Thanks for the lovely comments Kiya!! It’s been so nice talking to you and getting to know you!! ❀

        Liked by 1 person

      • flawed_silence says:

        I think that’s such a beautiful thing to do! It’s not often you find someone with a secret musical talent that they keep guarded to themselves – I think a lot of enjoyment and contentness can be stolen away as soon as you start performing for an audience.

        Hope your duet sessions continue to be enjoyable and produce great music! Would be interested to know what kind of songs you’re dueting to – guitar and violin combo oooh!

        Thank you for leaving such engaging comments ❀

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  2. New Media Works says:

    Hi Kiya πŸ™‚

    talking about yourself in the third-person seems strange to me — how do you feel about it?

    I wonder, also, why you named the blog “Flawed Silence”.

    πŸ™‚ Norbert

    Liked by 1 person

    • flawed_silence says:

      Hi Norbert 😊

      Thank you for stopping by!

      I’m wondering if this question arises from my subject title or something you’ve seen within this post πŸ€”

      I’m trying to break this bad habit – I hope it didn’t seep through too much in this post πŸ˜… I tend to revert to third person when I feel awkward writing a post that is all about me – I always feel so big headed talking so much about me and I!

      The other times I use third person is in my poetry because I like to separate my experiences and give it to a stranger or not want the read to feel the words too heavily. I always find third person to feel more detached than first.

      I was actually considering if I needed to rebrand my blog title haha. When I initially starting blogging, I used to write on subjects that were in a way stigmatised or the flaws I saw in society that people in power/politics etc keep quiet on.

      What kind of topics do you cover on your blog?

      Your name is also very nice. Is it German?

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Marie says:

    Love this post! It’s been lovely to get to know you a little more! I can totally relate to being the shy, awkward one until you get to know me better and I also like to maintain my anonoymity a little bit – not a fan of showing my face online too much, either. Those pictures of you are SO beautiful though ❀

    Liked by 1 person

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