The Day you killed us Both

Growing up with you
But without you
Made me learn the way
People con and commit
Emotional fraud.

You were never there,
You never knew me,
Or cared enough to
Protect me.

Instead you betrayed me
In the worst way possible;
You taught me that the
Wicked hide amongst us
In this world,
That no one can be

I can’t say
That I miss you
Or that I love you
Or that I want you back
Because that would be a lie;
I hate the way the words tumble out
So easily, but it’s the truth,
Yet your shadows still linger
In my reality.

The day you forgot to
Return and traded me for temptation
Is the day you killed us

You don’t deserve forgiveness.
A sinner like you
Doesn’t know the boundary
Between redemption and vindication.

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