Or so the story goes

New Year, New Me,
Or so the story goes;
I’m tired of waiting for the
Perfect moment to
Erase the slate and start

I’m meandering aimlessly,
Wasting moments of living
By just existing in some bleak
Mindset where I’m craving to
Reinvent myself.
I scam myself of progress,
I steal time away from self-growth
And sabotage the present
With alluring thoughts of
Future me holding the
Fort we’re trying to build down.

I owe it to myself to
Assassinate the dangerous traits
As a regular habit to prevent
The toxic side of me holding
My ambitions, dreams and hopes
In a choke hold until
Death succumbs.

Some moments only cease to
Exist once, and one thing’s for sure –
Future me isn’t the type to incriminate
Herself and attempt to bury bygones.
Instead she’d let the wound fester
And pour salt in the wounds
To hold herself accountable for
The failings of present me.

New Day, New Me,
That’s how my story should go;
I want to tango with the present
As that’s the only way
I can play a hand in controlling
My future, and letting my past
Die a noble death.

I invite you to join me,
Who wants to start dealing the
Cards of Fate?

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