She’s got a mean smile

She’s got a mean smile,
Hidden behind the angelic
Façade people used to
Encounter on first introductions
But the mask has dropped now
And one is greeted with
Calculated coldness
Combined with distrust stemming
From cynicism that you’d be
Different from everyone else
Who pledged to never bail
On her like that – Ouch.

She’s fearless now,
Made to feel invincible
As she knows she’s lost
All she has to lose
And can be hurt no more
Unless she lets another human
Into the chaos of her life.

And so with this fearless
Persona she has scripted
For herself, she isn’t afraid
To separate wishful thinking from reality,
Nor converse with brutal honesty
And detach herself from
Drowning in empathy.

She’s unfazed at the thought
Of you daring to leave her;
She lacks a heart, at times, it seems
And has forgotten how
To love unconditionally.
She won’t shed tears for
You in this newfound era of hers;
She’ll deny you of
Wreaking agony within her soul.

It’s just who she’s become now,
And to be honest,
She feels no guilt for being so
Apathetic about people;
Past memories have
Been doused in indifference
And the very few she
Chooses to shower in affection
And show her human side to
Construct her universe,
And with that
She is content.

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