How bad is it?

How bad is it?
The way you have
Dug your grave prematurely
And buried yourself with
Posies of lilies and red roses
To remind yourself of
The purity and love you
Once held in your mind.

How deep are your wounds?
How often do you let them bleed?
Do you rub salt in them
To relive the agony
Or do you deny yourself
Of healing because you don’t
Believe in redemption?
Are you a stranger to hope
And an accomplice of
Mistrusting the goodness
The world gifts you?

Do your tears hold emotion
Or are they numb to
Everything you are mourning?
Can you feel
Or are you imagining the pain
That should exist in your bones?

Are you past saving
Or is there some
Stubborn grit within you
That is clawing itself back
To the surface?

Tell me,
How bad is it –
The damage your soul has taken?

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