Let me See

Let me see
How your lover makes
You feel at ease
With the grief and sorrows
You carry on your shoulders;
Show me the exhilarating
Freedom you find in
What used to be a shameful part
Of your existence
With your lover’s
Take on your life experiences.

Demonstrate the pureness
That lives in your heart
And the comfort in your soul
As the future that dawns
No longer intimidates you
And the shadows of the past
No longer spite you;
Teach me the ways
To appear bold and fearless
As you refuse to pursue
Meaningless noise in your

Let me see
How your lover gives
You strength but also
Embraces the weaknesses that
Make you whole
And gives your presence
A higher resolution of
That you had failed to
Acknowledge beforehand.

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2 thoughts on “Let me See

  1. Mathangi Sritharan says:

    thank you lover for making me feel at ease, for carrying me on your shoulders, for comforting my soul, for showing me to be bold and fearless. thank you lover for giving me meaning to life, for being a true blessing. thank you x

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