Reflecting on my Blogging Journey in 2020


How are you all doing? Wishing you all a very happy new year, and sending you lots of love and good vibes!

Today’s post is going to involve some graphs and stats, and a look back on my blogging journey. Ever since my blog, and interaction levels began to grow, I’ve been curious to analysis it a little, and use the information to help me interact better with you all. It’s also a nice moment to feel proud and happy with what I’ve achieved so far. I’ve also weaved in some questions for you to answer about your own blog growth so we can feel proud together!

That being said, if you feel as if you’d feel demotivated or put down, or take away negative vibes from this kind of post, please do skip on!


Honestly, quite a few countries that my blog has managed to reach is a surprise to me. It’s also interesting how although I live in the UK, the majority of my readers come from India and the USA. And it’s super cool to also know that I have a few Tamil readers – love that! And if you’re Tamil (or not) and are yet to say hi, do stop by in the comments! I also get super melted when I see readers from Croatia and France, cause I know exactly who be stalking me!!

What country where you surprised to see that your blog managed to reach?

I hope to one day fill all the countries on the globe – it’s nice to be ambitious hey

What country would you love to get a reader from?


So earlier last year, I thought I would attempt to utilise Instagram in order to make some more blogger friends, but also expose myself to bloggers on other platforms. This was actually quite beneficial to me as I made various new friends, got tagged in loads of challenges, and involved in groupchats and collabs. I also saw a boost from the previous year of how many people I managed to seduce over from Instagram when compared to prior years of it being nada.

Howeverrrr, I get so drained as lots and lots of social interactions isn’t really my forte. I began feeling guilty for not interacting as much, or reaching out to bloggers, or keeping my flow of reading content, and giving feedback, or not as enthusiastically conversing with people interested in getting to know me/my work more. Eventually, I began to stop using the app as a tool to promote my creative work, and engage with people, and this really bothered me. As a result, I recently deactivated Instagram to take a break and rejoin when I have a more positive mindset towards it all. I feel so much calmer and happier since doing that. The little app isn’t a consistent reminder of “how I’d let my blog down” as I no longer use it. And I put that in speech marks because that’s just the bullying little voice in my head speaking nonsense. It’s okay – I ain’t letting me or my blog down!

The one thing that surprises me is that people are stumbling across my blog via search engines? That’s super cool! Another thing is the facebook referrals since I don’t have an account, so I’m curious as to who is sharing on there.

Which platform do you use to grow your blog?


So this pretty much sums up how often I turn into a ghost on my blog. I notice when I look after my blog consistently, the growth is healthy with a similar trend towards growth in all catergories. However, as soon as I take a break, it starts to decline. Yet it’s quite rewarding to know that I’ve reached a stage where even if I don’t touch my blog, somehow my readers love me enough to give me a couple views a day. I find it quite endearing. (I’ve picked up this phrase from a certain somehow, and I’ve become quite addicted to it).

One thing I want to work on is how much my readers interact with me, as the more constructive feedback I get, the more I can improve. I also want to get back into interacting with you all on a much regular basis, rather than the occasional binge read, spam with essay comment sessions I do.

What have you noticed about your blog’s growth?


Site Visitors1570
Total Words Written27155
Posts Published52

Since I mostly write poems, I’m surprised at how many words I’ve actually managed to write. Also kinda cool how it averages out to almost a post a week, when in reality I disappear for weeks on end, reappear, spam you all, and vanish.

What stat surprises you regarding your stats for 2020?


  • develop a more consistent and committable blogging routine
  • engage/interact with bloggers on a more frequent basis
  • try different styles of poetry, and also short writing tasks
  • maybe try reach 1000 followers this year?!
  • want to revamp my style and start capitalising my posts
  • collab more (Parker I haven’t forgotten you!)
  • kickstart some projects I put on hold
  • read so I can post book reviews again


Last but not least, I want to say a massive THANK YOUUUUU from the bottom of my melted heart for all the support you guys give me. I honestly love replying to your comments, or becoming email pals with some of you! I love reading your blogs and leaving behind essays, and then getting excited over the essay replies you give me. I love the feedback you give, but also how you tag me in challenges, or recommend my content to others. I wouldn’t have improved my writing tendencies, nor managed to grow my blog in the way I have, without YOUR help, so for that I am truly grateful!

I may not be the best at being active on my emails or my blog; however, please do not let that put you off from reaching out – whether that be for a collab request, or to give me feedback, or to ask me to browse your blog (I love discovering new bloggers – throw your blogs at me please). I will eventually get back to you. Sometimes within a few days, and in other times longer, but whatever happens, I am always so appreciative of you reaching out, so it will never go ignored.


13 thoughts on “Reflecting on my Blogging Journey in 2020

  1. Kate says:

    Kiyaaaa ❤

    I'm so so happy to witness your blog journey and growth. And hnggg I understand how you feel about getting drained by all the interactions. For me, the annoying little voice inside my head gets significantly louder whenever I'm editing a post on the Block Editor. I have this plugin called Yoast SEO that analyses whether or not my post is "SEO worthy". It was great way back when I was testing out SEO on my site but lately it felt more like a constant cry of "You need to make a perfect post!". Ultimately, I decided to delete the plugin. I still feel that anxious feeling, wondering if my post is perfect or not but the nagging is not as loud as before.

    So yeah, I understand wanting to step away from Instagram. But omg before I ramble away haha! I wish you all the best in your blogging journey. Of course, I'm right here in the other side of the screen (or taking in the form of a nearby fluffy cloud on a fair day lol) cheering you on. I look forward to another wonderful year of your amazing poems and creations! ❤


    • flawed_silence says:

      Kateeeee ❤

      I'm so happy that we are still in touch and vibing all these years later!!! KATE WHETHER YOU USE OR DONT USE THE SEO plugin, your posts are worthy and perfect! I love them – they give so much food for thought, creative tips, personal experience and advice that makes me feel less alone, and just I LOVE YOUR PERSONALITY that seeps through!!

      hey hey, i loveeee it when you ramble away hehe. lots of loveee xx

      Liked by 1 person

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