i met a superhero

inspired by lauv’s song superhero. please listen in the background whilst reading. would love to hear your thoughts ❤

sometimes people come into your life
and make the shades of colour
you see so much prettier and enticing
than it used to be;
all of a sudden the comfort
you find in chaos
no longer seems appealing,
and the long quiet days you
looked forward to drag by.
the winter chills feel
so much warmer now
and the morning dew that
replaces the frost and
the dying autumn leaves
isn’t unwelcomed for
reminding you that yes,
indeed, time is ticking by.

you no longer hurt
from miserable words
and have become
invincible to the
constant shuffle shuffle
of the heartbreak over
people, ambitions, dreams –
damn, you used to
miss so deeply the things
that could have been
but now you live
for the future of
could be.

you now hold the
strings to your emotions
others made into
their puppets;
you marvel at
the little joys
amidst the
darkest storms
and only care
for being a dreamer
within a world
so void of

because they say if
it’s meant to be
you’ll know
and you know
what’s meant to be
will not destroy
you into ruins.

and that’s what happens
when you meet
a superhero.

dedicated to my superheroes…mathu, marta, shanju ❤

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