if i die young

if i die young,
i want to be buried
knowing my heart felt
all it could
and my dreams
were unleashed from
the realms of my
if i die young
i don’t want
my unspoken words
to be regrets
or have died
not saying
i love you
to the ones
whom my heart
belongs to.

if i die young,
i want to have
experienced life
rather than have
coexisted with it;
i want to have
been happy for a
and got to
have battled my
and emerged the
heroine of my
own story
if i were to
die young.

and when the
time comes,
i’ll be wearing
my heart on my sleeve
and carrying hope
on my shoulders
and not be
wearing a shade of
remorse on my
so put on your
best dress
and raise a cup
because if i die
i would have
done so
knowing i lived
life to the fullest
so send me away
with a smile,
and a kiss on
the cheek,
oh pretty face
don’t you cry
if i die young,
not everyone
lives forever.

funny how when you’re dead, people start listening

A/N life is precious, and often we take it for granted. love yourself and others deeply. work towards a life that leaves your mind feeling content, and surround yourself with things that fulfil your inner dreams. make the most of each opportunity, and live in the moment. work towards putting yourself in a position where you don’t look back with regrets or sadness.

this poem is inspired by the song “if i die young” by the band perry.

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