welcome to my monthly wrap up post where i look back and reflect on the shenanigans of life! i would love to hear how july treated you so do swing by in the comments!

moments i’m proud of:

  • honestly, i’m not proud of much. i didn’t really accomplish much nor throw myself head first into staying committed and motivated towards life goals/dreams. i just kind of neglected everything, and withdrew from socialising and engaging with people.
  • i guess i’m in the process of feeling overwhelmed by things and figuring out how to bring some stabilisation to everything. i haven’t completely given up on things. i’m trying my best to slap some sense back into me, and revert back to the usual kiya vibes. suppose i can be proud of that *winks*
  • i restarted my insta feed (for the millionth time). but this time, it’s more carefree, and i’m not really bothered by how aesthetic it looks. i just want to share and have a space for all the creative things i get up to – writing, music, photos, ect. and have my feed kinda mirror my vibes, and help people feel more connected to me.
  • so i got my rejection letter from the volunteer newspaper role i applied to. but i’m totally fine with it (mostly cause i was anticipating it). going through the interview process, submitting articles, seeing the editing process, having discussions with the editor – all of that was a blessing in itself. i’m super grateful for that opportunity, and learned a lot from it. it also gave me a space to practice engaging with people, and a chance to try the whole fake it till you make it persona. on the brighter side, they’d love to stay in touch, and have told me to approach them with pitches, and to apply for future roles. so yay.
  • OH AND I WROTE TWO POEMS revolving around sexual abuse and the stigma and judgement surrounding it. one from the girls pov, and the other from the boys. i felt really hesitant about posting it, since it’s such a delicate issue, and i wanted to address it correctly, but i’m pleased with how it turned out.
  • i kinda revamped my style and wardrobe a lil bit hehe

books i read:

honestly, i’m so ashamed of myself

things i watched:


bigil – i adore vijay films and i really loved the sentiment behind this plot line. some scenes were upsetting such as the acid attack on the girl, or the corruption present. however, very heart moving seeing the young girls being inspired to take on the world despite all the challenges in the way. the only “negative” thing i have to say about this movie is that i wish the fight scenes had some kinda music/soundtrack. would have made it much more intriguing to watch.


jackpot – if you’re feeling down, watch this movie. light hearted in nature and got sneaky plot twists


bad education – follows the banter that takes place in british schools. all the “stereotypes* heaped into one school and the chaos and heart moving moments that unravel. i got attached to all the character and got just as emotional as jack whitehall did when it was time for his kids to flee the nest.

current song obsession:


piano covers:
(do swing by and say hi on insta @kiyax_x)

before you go
see you again
chopin waltz in b minor
vaseegara – tamil

super amazing people i met:

so i met this dude who goes by the insta handle nilawritespoems, but jokes on us, we already knew of each other vaguely. after figuring that out, during a lengthy conversation on writing, piano and various other random things, we bonded quite nicely, and i’m proud to call him my dopey friend who i pester on a daily basis. to cut a long story short, he writes incredibly well, and is able to write poems that make you wanna cry, smile and slap him for not realising how amazing he is. the thing that drew me to his account first was the matter of fact persona his poems use, but also the word choice and way he structures his emotions in the poems. it made me think or feel some kinda way after reading his poems. and then when he wrote a poem for me, you don’t understand just HOW much my heart melted. it made me feel so special *cries* he’s the sweetest, supportivest, caringest friend ever. (and yes – i just made up a whole load of superlatives for you so feel special). so please do go along, and stalk his insta and send him your loveee ❤


creative posts this month:

boys can be hurt too
it’s not until you
doodles (4)


❤ getting to pester my bby girl on her 20th after so longgg and vibe with her adorable family

what are you proud of?
what have you been obsessed with this month? (book/movie/song/anime ect)
your favourite memory or highlight of the month?
tell me what content you’re proud of posting this month so i can check it out!

kiya x

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5 thoughts on “JULY 2020 – MONTHLY WRAPUP

  1. Anna Coleman says:

    Kiya i’m so sorry for not being active lately!! Ahh yes i love vijay films SO MUCHH too! Don’t worry, dissapointment is something we often have to deal with in life and i’m so proud of the way you handled it❤❤ your poems were absolutely beautiful, and i love the way you wrote them! You’re so freaking talented and amazing and i hope you’re having the BEST August you can possibly have!
    Lotta love to my sis xx

    Liked by 1 person

    • flawed_silence says:


      I’ve recently gotten into Sivakarthikeyan films too KODOWOWPZO

      what comforting and supportive words from an adorably sweet sis ❤️❤️ thank you for ALL YOUR UNCONDITIONAL LOVE AND SUPPORT. APPRECIATE IT SO MUCH *melts*


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