it’s not until you

it’s like my
is in a constant
state of hibernation
and when it wakens
up winter tries
to make my mind
his realm;
guests come along
and place bouquets
of hope, florals
of ambition
and make space
for blossoms of
love and care to

then autumn
fancies playing his
hand and starves the
good-willed spirits
of warmth and let
dreams wilt away
and die, deprived
of self-love
but there’s always
that lone thought
that refuses to
fade away –
that remains there
etched into your skin
and no matter
how empty or
full of joy
your heart is,
your mind is
in constant
misery and

it’s not until
You let compassion
live in your bones
and acceptance a
resident in your blood
and self-love part
of your mother tongue
that you will
no longer be feeling
so lost in your
temple of a body
and empress
of a mind.

until you
love yourself
like the sun
keeps the world
the demons within
will continue
to dismantle,
destroy and rot
away your soul;
it’s not until
you respect
yourself like
a worshipper
praying to god,
will you be letting
your demons set
your soul on fire
and giving you
fuel to feel
at Last.

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