boys can be hurt too

oh didn’t they
tell you
that boys can be
minding their own
damn business
and still be targeted
and have their life
torn apart?

the boys
have it easy –
no glass
or power struggles
with patriarchy
or being labelled
as the weaker
but don’t they
tell you,
that’s what makes
it even harder
for the boys.

we’re supposed to
be the alpha;
our skin isn’t
painted in the
seductive yet
vulnerable way
girls are.
we aren’t
warned about the
predators that
hunt at night
or who might
try befriend
us at the club
with a friendly
smile or an offer
of a drugged

it is in human
nature to be
and fragile
and being a
doesn’t make them
feel any less
intruded upon,
or destroyed
with vulnerability
and trauma
after having
someone use their
body like
they owned it.

it doesn’t matter
if i have a rugged
look or workout
at the gym
and radiate confidence
and chill in
sweatpants and a hoody;
they don’t care
if society thinks
a boys’ punch hurts
more than a girls’.
nor do they
care that i lack
the figure
of a girl
that the stats
show predators
tend to assault
much more
but that doesn’t
make me any
less human.

i still deserve
i still deserve
i still own my

do not let
society shun
males into dark
corners where they
are afraid of judgement;
do not let
society cause
males to suffer in
silence and weep alone
in agony;
do not let
males feel alone
and ashamed because
we have falsely
constructed that
to be male is
to be strong and
and masculine.

didn’t they tell you
that males are human
too and they bleed
and cry and feel
and hurt
just like girls do?

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