i live in a
where supposedly
having my hemline
touch the knee or lower
is supposed to protect
i’m supposed to
stay in bed
at 2AM
not because it’s good
to maintain a good
sleeping pattern
but to roam the
streets and stargaze
aren’t deemed to be
safe for
the girls.

i shouldn’t
reveal my
innocent collarbone
or a strip of my
or wear that lip shade
and pair it with
those shoes
or let that sweater
snuggle my body
because what
nature has gifted
me with is
too seductive
for the boys and
girls with warped

i should
watch the tone
i speak in
and control
my body language
in a reserved manner
otherwise i’m
asking to be
don’t go out
don’t smile
at strangers,
don’t dress
like that,
don’t speak
so flirtatiously,
don’t drink –
are you listening to me?
do you want
to be a victim?
is that what you

do you want
to place their
hands on your
and steal
your sanctity?
do you want
to know what
it’s like to be

i don’t
to know what it’s like.

but what i do
want to know is
why the fuck
what i wear, do, say
gives somebody the right
to lay a hand on me?
why does where i am,
and what time it is
effect my human right
to retain my dignity
and have full rights
to my body?

why are we not
the people possessing
sickening thoughts
that it is not acceptable?
why are we tolerating
those who walk around
thinking they are entitled
to whoever’s body
they lay eyes on?
why are we attempting
to justify the predator
and create a victim
where none exists?

to live in a world
where the word
has lost its meaning
and people
think the correct
way to tackle the
problem is to
advise girls
to be modest and
in order to
remain safe,
is saddening.

to hear
she was asking
for it
or she tempted
or they couldn’t
help be aroused
and men
will be men
and it’s tough
to control their
is pathetic.

it’s not
your body.
not your
and most
certainly not
our fault
that you
feel such levels
of perverted
and have it within
you to

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9 thoughts on “IT’S NOT YOUR BODY

  1. Anna Coleman says:

    Ok this poem literally SPOKE MY MIND. People have no freaking right to do what they want with girls’ bodies and label it the girls’ fault. it’s so DAMN NOT. I love how you use your poetry to express your views on such important events x Love ya! ❤ ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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