june 2020 – monthly wrapup


welcome to my monthly wrap up post where i look back and reflect on the shenanigans of life! i would love to hear how june treated you so do swing by in the comments!

moments i’m proud of:

  • i applied for a volunteer writing role within a newspaper close to my heart and roots. to apply i had to submit my cv and an article on any theme, so mine revolved around the title “we have failed humanity.” sometime, mid june, i had a virtual interview with the editor. the interview went so much better and smoother than anticipated. it felt like a really good conversation, and my curious ass asked a lot of engaging questions, and i learned a lot. and i’m proud of this cause normally i’m an anxious wreck, speaking really fast, and tumbling over my words and being an awkward potato. but for once, i felt at ease and in my element.
  • i finally covered all the content for my tax exam! i’ve made all my pretty notes, and completed all the questions from the workbook and textbook. now i’ve just got to get all the content soaked into my brain cells and do all the exam prep questions. yay!
  • i’ve started training someone at work to complete some of my duties. and training someone virtually is…odd. i’m a more in person, hands on kinda person. so to just use my voice and a cursor on a shared screen and a powerpoint is really not my style. but it’s proving to be a great character developing experience.
  • a lot more engagement and interaction on my insta page over my piano covers. which is like whoa cause i’m not the greatest piano player out there?!
  • a collab post after donkey years! it was the first time i’ve ever used a shared google doc, and it was pretty fun writing and editing in real time. really challenged me cause it inspired me to go outside my usual genre and writing style. this is the aftermath of the collab: Being Love’s Prey

books i read:

book review: the undesirable by david boling

things i watched:


white lines – boxer is my fav character. i just love his personality and vibes. but i don’t rate how he still pursued a married lady *rolls eyes*

the stranger






imaikka nodigal – this movie was amazing with the plot twist. but super heart wrenching. also one of my fav songs is from this movie plus the entrance theme tune for the villain is oof


oh baby – after making a wish, a grandma suddenly becomes a youthful teen and experiences life all over again. however, out of her kindness of heart, she donates blood to save a life, which in turn returns her to her grandma form. a light hearted comedy sure to put a smile on your face


vip (velaiyilla pattathari)  – i am obsessed with the movie’s soundtrack, and the plotline is so touching with good morals. an emotional rollercoaster for sure

current song obsession:


piano covers:
(do swing by and say hi on insta @kiyax_x)

othaiyadi pathayila – tamil
kadhalikathey – tamil
on my way – alan walker, sabrina carpenter
un koodave porakanum – tamil
takkunu takkunu – tamil
andha kanna paathaakaa – tamil
photograph – ed sheeran

super amazing people i met:

so earlier this month, this dude called parker wrote me the sweetest, supportive email ever! it really made my evening when i read it. we ended up working together on a few collab pieces, and honestly, he’s helped me explore new genres and styles. helped critic and improve my creativeness. and made it so fun, and so carefree to collab. and is always down for a good brainstorming session, or discussion on quirky writing things.

a post i read this month that i adored:

2020-06-30 (3)

creative posts this month:

the thing about life
my grudge against the media
you were the one
you did the same to me
don’t get close to anyone


what are you proud of?
what have you been obsessed with this month? (book/movie/song/anime ect)
your favourite memory or highlight of the month?
tell me what content you’re proud of posting this month so i can check it out!

kiya x

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4 thoughts on “june 2020 – monthly wrapup

  1. Anna Coleman says:

    Hey Kiya!! It’s great to hear that you’ve covered all the content you need for your exam!! Good luck and i know you’ll do amazing ❤ I'm right here rooting for ya! I think it's awesome how you have something to be proud of every month! That radiates so much positivity:) I guess the moment i was really proud of this month was not letting toxic people walk all over me, especially after they texted who i like a bunch of ish. That made me really angry, and i'm really proud that i have finally stood up to them. oh and, found out my crush is a really sweet person *giggles like a five year old*

    Omg yessss i was going to watch oh baby, but i didn't know whether it was good or not, but after finding out you watched it im definitely going to go watch:)

    I loved all your posts this month!!

    Hope you have a july as awesome as you:) ❤ A lotta love xx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. flawed_silence says:


    aw, my results come out soon so we’ll see if my hardwork paid off 🤔😅 THANK YOU SO MUCH, and yes I try to look for positives too despite having a pessimistic mindset ahahaha


    *giggles with you* girrrrrrrl imma be sliding into your dms for an update 🤭 OMG IM SO SORRY I NEED TO REPLY TO THE VNS IM SO SORRY I JUST REMEMBERED

    did you get a chance to watch oh baby x

    thank you my love ❤️❤️


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