you were the one

i was scared
to love
to be
loved and
to be
in love
until i met

You made it
so easy
that before i
knew it
my heart was all
and that thought
didn’t intimidate
me –
not one

and i guess
that’s when i
that you were
the One that
i have been waiting
for all this time;
the one who
took away the fear
of loving and once again
showed me the colours
i could not see
when i first
fell in love
with the
wrong heart.

i pay no heed
to all the worries
i used to have
about love
and have let go
of all the
i thought would
be accompanied
with finding love
and no longer
feel weighed down
with doubts
and uncertainties
that overshadow
the beauty
that is love.

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