my grudge against the media

disclaimer – when making negative points/criticising, i’m addressing the minority and am well aware the majority are angels!

i think it’s unjust how parts of the media pick and select who deserves their compassion, and who can fight to retain their human rights without the outside world’s support. the media is an outlet for providing society with information, and holding nations, governments, and criminals accountable for their actions. i believe it is their duty to shed light on all violations of human rights, and to campaign tirelessly for change and justice until it has been achieved. i think it’s disgusting how power, wealth, resources, race, religion, privilege affect how the cards are dealt with regards to how much media coverage appalling events get.

it sickens me to see influencers, corporate companies, celebrities, and people hop onto hashtags, sharing images, and articles all for the sake of staying relevant or to create the illusion that they do care. to demonstrate that their moral compass aligns with those facing hardships. it frustrates me to hear them preach about equality and supporting, speaking up and challenging wrong doings on the behalf of the oppressed, but then to observe they’re using their platforms to capitalise on the political landslide occurring at the time. to learn afterwards that in private they hold opposing views, or that they’ve been contributing to the problem by holding outdated views, or mistreating others but go around putting up a supportive front in the public eye. it infuriates me to see footage surfacing of people creating fake setups of attending protests or doing aesthetic photo shoots with the intention of gaining popularity, and no care for the real cause at heart.

i have nothing against the people who genuinely feel, and care, and do all they do out of their goodness of their hearts, but for the ones’ who use it as a publicity stunt or to prevent their online presence from being derailed if they don’t post something, please don’t. be human and learn how to be compassionate.

oh the flip side, i think it’s amazing, and considerate how many people are taking the time to share resources to raise awareness, but also how they’re lending their platform to others to share their insights. it’s makes me feel warm, seeing how people are giving back to the communities that support them, and are willing to be selfless and put themselves out there stating opinions, attending rallies, questioning authorities and using their influences to do good, and help bring about change.

it also bothers me that people who stay silent get demonised for not speaking up or get tarnished as aiding the perpetrators. not everyone will be so public in declaring a stance. some people will be motivated to rally for change, but will go about it in a different way. some people will be vocal because they are able to influence a huge community. others may feel it more beneficial to hold conversations and debates within their family/friends and spread positive change through education. others may be signing petitions, campaigns, speaking to local politicians, fundraising, attending demonstrations, donating to aid charities, and affected people. others may have done a lot of research, reflection and had a change of heart. some may not feel comfortable or confident enough to convey the correct sentiment to their followers, and rather not spread misinformation.

and that’s why, this lack of understanding and mutual respect, makes me sad to see posts shaming and pressuring individuals to post, share, retweet ect. i think it’s more effective to share your thoughts freely, and ask people to share if they want to help spread the awareness, or request they take the time to learn more and provide useful resources, rather than blatantly point the finger saying “this is your fault,” and “you are contributing to the problem,” and “if you don’t share, you lack a good conscious.”

if anything, we should be pressurising the media, education system and government to not be so discriminatory in who they choose to speak up for, and who they choose to ignore in bliss. where is the media when humanitarian atrocities are happening elsewhere? all crimes against humanity are deserving of criticism and exposure until real change is brought about. and yes, it would be pretty amazing, if people with huge followings used their platforms to benefit the greater good and raise awareness where the media is failing humanity.

anyways, to wrap up this mini rant, i think it’s heart warming to see everyone unite for a common cause and feel infuriated enough to want change from the goodness of their hearts. i find it moving to see people from all across the world merge, and challenge high powers regarding their corrupt actions. and i have hope, that going forward, minorities continue to be cared for with this fiery passion, and that all forms of crimes against humanity are fought with the same fire, and that people educate and change their mindset so that no one is ever deprived of their human rights, and access to equal opportunity.

we cannot let the privilege some of us are blessed with to make us blind to the suffering of others.

what are you thoughts on this?

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5 thoughts on “my grudge against the media

  1. Elsie LMC says:

    It’s nice to see someone else acknowledging how wrong it is for people to put others down for not speaking out in plain sight about what is going on in the world 🙌 Virtual silence doesn’t always equate to not playing a part in making things right as there is a world of difference that can be made away from a screen. Putting others down will only push them further away and mean that nothing gets done by people that could really make a positive difference. Fully agree with everything that you’ve said 👏💕💕

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    • flawed_silence says:

      your post gave me the lil push to post this with being too timid/anxious about it all so thank you 💞 recently watched a video which also expressed a similar sentiment

      thank you so much for supporting me and voicing your thoughts with me 💞

      Liked by 1 person

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