i stay offline
aeroplane mode
pattering keyboard fingers dead,
vibrating buzzes of messages silent
the flickering light of notifications resting
the battery sleeping,
voice calls not going through
network disconnected´
the person you are trying to call is unavailable
welcome to three voicemail,
one tick
last seen 27/10/15
not fearful of shoving people through the invisible door,
or how they may wipe their feet on the goodbye mat
thinking good riddance to her
at last!

but on the other
side of the screen
i sit there alone
in my thoughts
the things that whizz around
in my head;
if only you
knew how much
i crave your presence
but how much it
scares me to be
so Vulnerable
in front of you
so instead
i choose to live in the company
of two.

myself and the
demons i’ve let
rent out
my headspace.

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