april 2020 – monthly wrap up


welcome to my monthly wrap up post where i look back and reflect on the shenanigans of life! i would love to hear what you got up to in april too so do stop by in the comments!

moments i’m proud of:

  • been posting piano covers quite consistently and had a few features on people’s stories/feed and that was like an awh wow moment, very touching and so sweet of you if you did that!
  • had my poem on ptsd featured on a mental health instagram page. out of all the pages i have come across, i think this one is special because it feels welcoming and focusses on aiding you with information and that human to human interaction that makes one feel less alone
  • been tinkering around in the kitchen helping making meals (tamil ones hehe)
  • passed my audit and assurance exam
  • been super productive at work
  • did my first ever q&a on this blog!
  • not studied at all – and i know, i know, why should kiya be proud of this…but it’s the first breather i’ve taken from constantly having my nose in some kind of academic book and not feeling guilty about it! btw, i’m going to resume studying on saturday!
  • did some gardening by which i mean i planted some chillis and tomatoes! and mowed the lawn and made it into a competition with my bro

books i read:

and i oops…again, did not read a book. but i watched a lot of tv ish…

things i watched:


i’ve got through all four parts, and oh my god, this show is just mind blowing. i love it to bits – it has me hooked, curious, and the plot and characters are so intriguing and complex. if anyone else has watched it/is watching it, hit me up for fangirling session! I CANNOT GET ENOUGH OF THIS SHOW!

watched season one and i’m so glad season two comes out next friday! not long to wait on a cliff hanger.


what can i say – i loved watching this retelling of sleeping beauty with an alternative ending. loved the transforming dude into different animals at the call of Maleficent, and how her heart thawed as she essentially became the young girl’s guardian angel. and the little squabbles the three fairies entrusted to look after the girl got caught up in made me smile.


so, i’ve been meaning to get back into watching more tamil films. whilst browsing netflix i saw this, and recently a friend had seen it and told me about it. so i automatically hit play and oh my god, this movie is awesome! so many plot twists you never see coming and the characters are so quirky. definitely made me laugh throughout. it’s a crime based plot line mixed with deceit and romance.


follows the battle for power between criminals, corrupt politicans and the police force. a lot of mind games occur throughout the plot with many oof plot twists. the background music issa vibe!

an amalgamation of four different love stories from different backgrounds which all result in the same lesson being learned. not the typical romance ish.

asurakuru – the main character, shakti, becomes money obssessed due to a trauma spited reason. this results in him becoming a tech-savvy thief who can’t control his urges. however, after being picked up by the cops, and realising the corruption present within the police force, he changes his ways to exploit the criminals who hide behind a police badge.


kanna – follows the pursuit of a farmer’s daughter to becoming a cricketer and winning the world cup for her nation. along her journey, she faces a lot of hardships.


sarkar – a political action movie where the plot revolves around the corruption that surrounds election voting in india. it all starts when a businessman who travels from the usa to vote, discovers someone else has managed to vote in his name. this begins to unravel how politicians pay people to cast votes in favour of them using others’ identities.mersal-indian-movie-poster

mersal – a plotline that exposes the corruption in the medical industry within india, whilst a doctor and a magician try to solve the threat to the public from the lack of an adequate healthcare system

current song obsession:

piano covers: (feel free to stalk my insta @kiyax_x)

goodbyes – post malone
i hate you, i love you – gnash ft olivia o’brien
neethane – vijay, samantha, a r rahman, atlee
kill em with kindness – selena gomez
issues – julia michaels

super amazing people i’ve met:

so this month i met sina who dabbles in some photography on instagram. he’s super friendly and is always down to chit chat about the most randomest bs ever.

2020-04-30 (1)

a post i read this month that i adored:

so this girl has finally decided to share her writing wonders with the world, and it’d mean a lot if you all have a little browse and shower her with support. she’s a deep thinker with warming but also heart wrenching poetry or snippets of thoughts.


creative posts this month:

bby girl
this is what they don’t tell you
and suddenly – poem discussing ptsd 
we don’t talk anymore
you say i love you boy


18 thoughts on “april 2020 – monthly wrap up

  1. Chloe Lauren says:

    Love this. Wow you did watch a lot in April. DAMN GIRL. For me I picked my books back up, my blog is back and kicking. Oh and I featured on Ana’s blog. I think it’s a pretty decent month for me! OH AND YOU HAVE ME BACK IN YOUR LIFE PROPERLY HAHA. THAT SHOULD BE ON THE WRAP UP 😉 IMPORTANT ONE MISSED. Haha joke!!! xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    • flawed_silence says:

      love ya! hahaha, yes it’s very rare for kiya to be soooo movie/tv obsessed xD so proud of your accomplishments in april ❤ and YES, CHLOEEEE IS BACK IN MY LIFE *throws confetti* gosh, ikr, how awful of me not to mention your comeback in my post! it should be the title of my post THE BLOGGING QUEEN HAS RETURNED xx


  2. Elsie LMC says:

    All of the films you mentioned sound brilliant! I saw Maleficent a long time ago and didn’t know what to think of it but since then I’ve been looking back on it thinking I would actually like it more if I watched it now. Loved hearing about what you’ve been up to in April! (Can’t believe the month is over, feels like it only started yesterday and at the same time it dragged 😵). Anyway, great post! ✨💕

    Liked by 1 person

    • flawed_silence says:

      aha, yes, last month kiya was film obsessed! ooh, that’s interesting to hear! why didn’t you like maleficent much when you first watched it? (ikr, this month honestly flew by!) happy april elsie ❤ have a great month ahead

      Liked by 1 person

      • Elsie LMC says:

        I think I put it up on a pedestal as it was for a movie night that I was really looking forward to so nothing was going to meet my expectations at that time 😂 Thank you so much! 💕💕

        Liked by 1 person

  3. 50shad3s0fjay says:

    Love it, I watched Dead To Me last year & I was so excited when I found out it was coming back this month (the 8th right?), deffo going to be bingewatching that and wow, Maleficient sounds so good, I never considered watching it before but I’m interested now.

    I’ve been obsessing over Jane The Virgin recently, I started watching it a few weeks ago and have completely fallen in love. I’m also excited to watch the James Charles instant influencer show that just launched!

    Love this post so much hun, thank you for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

    • flawed_silence says:

      yes! it’s coming out this Friday YAY! we can fangirl over it together once we’ve both binge watched it haha. oooh, deffo give Maleficent a try! it was very different to what i thought it’d be like

      OMG! my bestie is currently binge watching that show haha. i’ve heard it’s an emotional rollercoaster of 100 episodes… imma have to give it a go when i got the time to spare.

      oooh okay sounds fun! let me know how you find it.

      thank you for the lovely comment

      Liked by 1 person

      • 50shad3s0fjay says:

        Omg I literally forgot about Dead To Me coming back TODAY until literally 5 minutes ago ah I’m so freakin’ excited. can’t wait to watch. Have you started yet?

        I will for sure try Maleficent!!!

        And Jane The Virgin is addictive, you will need time because it’s non stoppable lol like you need to know what happens next. It’s crazy crazy and I hear it’s only going to get more crazy LOL. I haven’t actually cried yet though I think I read a spoiler and I am hopinggggggg it’s only a light negative thing that happens. like it’s bad but not drastic you know lol I can’t say without saying the spoiler but anyway I hope it’s just not terrible, LOL. I’ve completely rambled here anyway the show is amazing. Let me know what you think when you watch it!

        lots of love hun!

        Liked by 1 person

      • flawed_silence says:

        omg hahahaha it’s okay i totally enjoyed your spoiler free ramble! I totally get what’s it’s like. the experience of loving a show so much an episode or two a day isn’t enough. and oooof hope that spoiler isn’t as heart wrenching as it sounds and hope you enjoy the show! will surely share my thoughts once I get round to binging it hehe


      • 50shad3s0fjay says:

        Omg I literally forgot about Dead To Me coming back TODAY until literally 5 minutes ago ah I’m so freakin’ excited. can’t wait to watch. Have you started yet?

        I will for sure try Maleficent!!!

        Liked by 1 person

  4. Anna Coleman says:

    You watched World Famous Lover!! Cool!! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Vijay Deverakonda. I literally spent last week binging all his movies.

    You know how you said “not studied at all”? I have a feeling I should be studying less and taking your example. You’re right! It is really good to have a breather from all that stress.

    Your piano cover on neethane was awesome! I loved it! You go, girl!

    Have an awesome week! xx

    Liked by 1 person

    • flawed_silence says:

      yes, i did! a friend recommended it, so we watched it together and it was really nice and unpredictable. i heard the title and was like pffft what is this gonna be – stereotypical? but noooo, it was very clever how the plot worked! and tbh very minimal levels of that icky level of romance haha. more substantial food for thought romance.

      well girrrrl! i have a feeling you’ve been cram, cram, cramming for your exams, so yes please, do take an hour or two a day to chill and have some chill fun time! i’ve got back into studying this weekend and honestly i am enjoying the studying process now cause i am soooo less stressed

      omg, thank you so much!! i’m hoping to do another tamil cover soon hehe

      you too! have a fab week xx

      Liked by 1 person

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