bby girl

bby girl,
everything happens for a
and i know
there’s a void inside
you right now
that you cannot
fathom to think
but i promise you
bby girl
you’ll slowly
find yourself
seeing different shades
of black and white
and eventually a little
bit of grey
and then the tones
will begin to seep in,
some warmer than others
and eventually
the whole colour spectrum
will be within your viewpoint.

and until then
bby girl,
it’s okay to feel
like your essence has
been shattered into
shards of glass
that pierce your every
it’s okay to stay
stuck in time
unable to see
what else the world has to

bby girl,
i know you know
this deep down,
i know it’s how you
keep going
and keep living
and that’s why
imma keep telling
you this
till you’re okay;
everything happens
for a
and no matter what
i got you
so trust me
when i say
bby girl,
you’re gonna get through this.

Afternoon Doodles (1)

8 thoughts on “bby girl

  1. 50shad3s0fjay says:

    This is beautiful and powerful! This time last year, I think had I read this, it would be something I could completely relate too! Great reminder that it does get better, thank you ❤️ I’m sure many will gain from this ❤️

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