feb 2020 – monthly wrapup


welcome to my monthly wrap up post where i look back and reflect on the shenanigans of life! i would love to hear what you got up to in feb too so do stop by in the comments!

moments i’m proud of:

  • attending my college classes and preparing well for my audit exam
  • being more open about the things that whizz around my head with the people i trust
  • the tasks i’ve been able to investigate and work on at work
  • i spent more time reading and watching things and working away on my blog
  • sending my penfriend post! i was really excited for her to receive it because it was a really sentimental parcel full of randomness
  • doing well on my mock exam
  • posting consistently on my blog and engaging with you all, but also making the time to read and comment on your blogs ❤

books i read:

things i watched:

someone at work recommended this show to me and i’m glad i gave it a chance. it’s so lighthearted and makes me smile so much. the characters grow onto you (even the annoying neighbour who manages to make an appearance every episode) and the family bonds are endearing yet have enough drama over the stupidest of things, that it’s enough to make you hooked onto the show. i love the dynamics between johnny and adam. it’s just so childish and loving and hilarious. the genre is comedy which is something i don’t usually go for.


so this show is just wow very different to my usual style once again. it’s very entertaining but eye opening at the same time. and i can’t believe they ended season two like that! what a cliffhanger. who’s your favourite character and why?


i was quite upset when i finished breaking bad because i wanted to know more! and then i found out they did a follow up movie and it was really thrilling and i got some solace in knowing jesse managed to fix up (somewhat). i really enjoyed watching the behind the scenes and learning how certain scenes were captured.


this movie is just too amusing but so very unrealistic. i loved all the main characters and the quirks they had. even harley quinn the psycho.


a very raw and moving documentary to watch. loved the insight it gave into one’s emotions, but also the music writing process, and the conflicts faced. i’ve always loved taylor’s music, especially her recent albums which saw a transformation in style. her recent music videos showed so much creativeness and thought and i loved the mood she was setting.



my mind was blown to discover that this was based on a true story. like literally i was left kinda shaken after the movie. it was so very powerful in its message and how it captured the war scenes. it tells the tale of an american soldier who fought on the front line without a weapon. he was a conscientious objector and joined the army as a medic. during world war two, he saved 75 lives without firing a single shot. he put his own life at risk, and in the line of fire, as he put others’ lives before him as he sought to take injured soldiers to safety. this movie was incredibly inspiring and left goosebumps behind.



current song obsession:


always, i’ll care – jeremy zucker

super amazing bloggers i met:

bayance – this girl posts a diverse range of content from soul searching to quirky to amusing to delivering words of wisdom

50jey – such a beautiful personality leaving supportive comments behind. runs a blog all about feeling empowered and fashion

happily hedy – a bubble of dreamy creativeness and so down to earth

grace marie – a range of insightful posts all about bettering yourself and maintaining a pure heart and mind

a post i read this month that i adored

you never fail until you stop trying by clara: this post had me smiling and it was genuinely so down to earth and so amusing. i LOVED every second of it

creative posts this month:

it was my win
i was a fool
something i can’t forget
i don’t want to see another new face
before i went – mental health focus on suicide


what are you proud of?
what have you been obsessed with this month? (book/movie/song/anime ect)
your favourite memory or highlight of the month?
tell me what content you’re proud of posting this month so i can check it out!

also, i’m planning to do a Q&A post soon…so if you do have any questions, leave them in the comments below. likewise, i’m open to collabing with anyone, and do have a few projects ongoing that you can get involved in. if your curiosity has been seduced, feel free to shoot me an email or drop by in the comments.  

kiya x


9 thoughts on “feb 2020 – monthly wrapup

  1. Elsie LMC says:

    Sounds like you had a great February! “Friday Night Dinner” looks really good, I’ve seen Tamsin Greig in “Black Books” and thought she was very funny so maybe I’d enjoy that. I hope you have an amazing March and make a bucketload of memories ✨💕

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ana Regina says:

    All those movies sounded amazing!!!! 😀 I wanna watch them all *cries*
    And I love the pictures, argh I have to learn to take good pics, I never know what to post on instagram lol
    Amazing post!!!!!! 😀 ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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