dear humanity

dear humanity

why do we fight amongst ourselves and wound each other with metaphorical daggers that miss  our heart, and instead puncture our lungs and cause us to labour out painful breaths that tinge memories with more than a pinch of salt?

why can we not accept that everyone is equal regardless of skin, gender, faith, sexuality and how much money rolls into bank accounts on a monthly basis?

why do we result to poisoning reputations and labelling others as ignorant when we collide with someone who holds an opposing view? can we not learn to respect others and instead unite with love and warmth to fight for what we believe in, whilst at the same time refuse to repress other equally valid views yet not be afraid to challenge the language of hatred?

why do we sometimes think that following the flock will guarantee us safety when we haven’t ventured into the unknown to prove that? why do we hesitate to acknowledge that to be ‘weak’ is not a crime in a world where we preach to accept everyone on the merits of their heart, instead of the superficiality that lies beneath the deception that can be weaved by appearances? are we fearful of the fact that sometimes the unknown is what we need to recognise our true strength and capabilities and rediscover our identity as we clamber back to the shore of stability? why do we allow others to influence thoughts and fuel insecurities as if it’s our god given right to destroy someone’s life, as we mould society into a place where people cannot be themselves because someone will disapprove of the weary path we tread on?

why can we not create a world where love never ceases to exist, and equality blossoms in every breath? why do we struggle to erase out all signs of the deadly poisonous thoughts that corrupt our lives? is it too hopeful to think that maybe one day, just one day, everything will align and we will be at peace with each and every one of us, including ourselves?

after all, if we fight fire with fire, we only ignite ourselves and set the whole world on fire. . .

yours faithfully
kiya x

A/N what would you ask humanity?


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