wrapping 2019 up

Sup, it’s your ghost of a girl, Kiya.

So I thought I’d do a yearly wrap-up just so I can see how much I’ve progressed. Since I left school, it feels like time just blur, blur, blurs into an intangible mess. It’s constantly juggling this and that with that and this, (anyone know what I mean?) and before I have time to appreciate and be proud of any accomplishments, tiny or big, I’m hurtling towards the next project before it self-implodes.

Buuuuut, despite the fact I don’t give much for the “new year, new me” statements, and “new year resolutions,” I still think the start of a year is a good time to sit back and reflect on everything. A goodtime to give yourself a raincheck to make sure you’re not wasting valuable time, or holding onto toxic memories. With all the hype that surrounds the new year, it’s a good way to have a reality check with yourself, and keep yourself on task.

For me, 2019, sure was an interesting year. I’d have to credit 2019 for developing my character the most, and giving me more substance. It also taught me how to let go of things, be resilient, and more confident in being  my authentic self.

Lessons I’ve Learned ||

  • to be less agreeable and look out for yourself when negotiating terms, or trying to reach compromises
  • you don’t owe it to anyone, to be happy go lucky all the time
  • detaching yourself from the negative vibes in life, to get by, does NOT work out healthily in the long run
  • most things in life are temperamental. people come and go, and you get torn apart over that, but you’re so much better than longing for the company of someone who no longer wants you in their present nor future
  • take a breather. constantly juggling full time work, college, and exams with not much chilling burns you out till you forget how to enjoy learning
  • don’t be a hoarder of emotions and bottled up thoughts. let it out, make peace with it, confront it, try resolve it, talk about it, write it out – do something safe about it
  • i’m resilient. once upon a time, i never thought i’d make it to 20. but i did.

Blogging Things ||

  • stayed in touch and created content with my blogger friends Kate and Ana. I met these two, way, way back in 2014 when I made my blog. And they’re the sweetest, most caring and supportive friends you can make.
  • transitioned my blog niche into creative writing and “artsy” ish
  • wrote 18 creative pieces, some of which got shared around which was like woah, what, that’s so sweet of you all
  • did a few collabs/features on other blogs
  • did some html coding for the blog design

Creative Ish ||

  • played the piano more! i went to a shopping centre, and there was this beautiful, wooden grand piano and i sat down and played my heart’s content out. it was a special moment, and also proud of myself, cause people watched and stuff and i was like addkalsjdjaskdj inside but i did it! speaking of which, follow me on insta @illakkiya_x for piano covers
  • have been trying to learn how to edit the photographs i take. restarted my feed over at @kiyax_x
  • been doodling a lil more

Reading ||
(a goal from last year was to read more)

  • One of Us is Lying
  • Girl on the Train
  • Gods and Beasts
  • Mortal Remains
  • The Girls in the Water
  • The First one to Die
  • Nobody’s Child
  • Ghosts of Altona
  • One Crow Alone
  • My Deepest Secret (anime)
  • Cursed Princess Club (anime)
  • Your Letter (anime)

Doodles ||


Studies & Work ||

  • Trained someone to do my old role
  • Progressed into a new role
  • Sat four ACCA papers

Goals ||

  • sit another four ACCA papers
  • progress into a more accounting based role
  • pass driving theory
  • learn to drive and pass practical
  • enter a few writing competitions
  • read more books
  • learn more songs on the piano, and start playing at concerts again
  • learn more about editing photos and experiment with it
  • read more into accounting/financial issues

From me to You ||

Thank you for being here and supporting me. I hope you continue chasing your dreams, and staying determined. I hope you find the strength and courage to overcome any challenges you may face, and I hope you find happiness within yourself if things have been looking meh. I hope you acknowledge everything you have accomplished so far, and I hope you realise your incredibleness. I hope that you’re engulfed by good vibes, and that you discover many new reasons to smile each day. I wish you all the best, and I send you all my love.

Kiya x