dear diary

dear diary,


i’ve spilled ink over many different pages in my life, but i never thought i’d be the keeper of a diary that documents my every footstep without casting a shadow on my soul. you soak up my tears yet the page don’t scab over. my hand may shake as i pour my soul out to you, yet the page steadies me with it’s constant, unwavering support. day after day, i confide to you with the same old, same old, yet the pages never run out in this diary.


i can flick to any random page, and out falls a memory filled with love. i love how i’m unable to classify this diary under any genre. i love the leather bound cover that whispers of forever. i love how the pages keep turning without getting glued to each other. i love how the ink never fades, and how the words snuggle up against each other.


without my diary, i’d be so lost. a part of me would be missing. my diary teaches me how to assassinate the character everyone else has scripted for me. my diary is the supporting character whilst i rewrite the plot to life, and the colour in the black and white world i’m sometimes abandoned in. my diary shelters me from the storm, and hypes me for the blessed moments, and revels in the joy i feel, but also hits rock bottom with me. i am inspired by the wisdom my diary contains, and seek courage and strength from my diary. my diary has seen everything from my eyes, felt everything with my heart, thought everything with my mind. my diary knows me for who i am, and hasn’t decided to end the story there.


i love my diary to bits. i would never rips its pages out or lock it away in a cabinet or watch it go up in flames at a bonfire. my diary treasures who i am, and allows me to dance across the page, freestyle.


whether it be 2am, or i just opened my eyes time, or i’m about to tuck in time or on my way to somewhere time, my diary doesn’t hesitate to smother me in its presence, nor comfort me with its understanding patience and companionship.


but most of all, my diary, she engulfs me in warmth, and gets me in a way no one else ever can


and for that, i’m ever so grateful


much love

your akka


this one’s dedicated to my everything. get yourself a sister like mine

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