guardian angel

she knows
how to mend
my heart
without tape and glue
and heal my
wounds without
stitches and thread;
she knows how
to guard my back
without reaching for
a knife
and she knows
how to shelter
me from danger
without buying
me a house.

she treats me
without adorning me
in silver and gold;
she doesn’t
poison me with
false hope
and fake love –
this girl,
she sees
into forever
and doesn’t run
from the present;
this girl –
is so beautiful
in each
and every

she’s my
guardian angel
who relights
the dimming lamp
and fends the darkness
whilst demonstrating
strength and
she powerful,
a damn
Queen –
she is, to

a/n i love you, my main x

you can read my last poem, demon child, here

Kiya x


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