our flame has yet to die

i ache
to fill the
distance between us
with more than words
and i miss yous;
i long to feel your
hands in mine
and to tell
i love you
without hiding behind
a screen.

i want to
see your
instead of referring
to the one etched in my
and i want
to experience
the world with
and be there for
every milestone
and downfall.

time is killing
the memories
we could have
distance prevents
us from being
together as a
yet regardless –
our flame
has yet to

A/N The prompt today was distance between lovers. Initially I interpreted it as being in a long distance relationship, but then whilst writing it, I also thought ooh what about lovers being emotionally distant…so keep an eye out, a part two may be posted soon. What do you think is the hardest part about a long distance relationship? Come on, let’s chat in the comments below!

If you enjoyed today’s poem, you can read my poem colours, hope, happiness here.

Kiya x


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