colours, hope, happiness

colours, hope,
oh you ignite within me –

i can laugh
at the mistakes i make
and appreciate
the beauty
in how the sun shines
in the winter;

i know
what it’s like
to sense the
freedom rushing
through my veins;
i see
light where darkness
and i’m
standing here
so content.

my heart –
it doesn’t feel

not when
it beats
to the melody
i’ve composed;
the song
where i’m holding
the stars in my palms
and sitting on rooftops
with the kind of friends
that are forever
drinking time away
with laughter,
and getting tipsy
on nostalgia
as we grow
and learn to tame
the wildfires that
prance around us.

i hear a
story in every
and see a smile
in every look
and find
in every place.

i live
i breathe
to see
colours, hope,
even whilst my
world is being
i still
colours, hope,

and i
you would

A/N What was your favourite line and why? This poem was actually extremely challenging to write. The prompt given to me was ‘something lively, jolly’ and wow, that really is a new genre for me. So i tried to take the things that matter to me, and tried to write about them without being overly cheesy. What’s one genre that you find challenging to write about? Come on, let’s chat in the comments below!

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Kiya x

6 thoughts on “colours, hope, happiness

  1. Iqra Shaikh says:

    Wow woman. You just smashed it πŸ‘It was touchy. I felt the words. I felt that world. You never fail to impress me. Lots of love. More power to you.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. dacapoalpoetry says:

    “and appreciate
    the beauty
    in how the sun shines
    in the winter”
    – This line touched me, because there was a time in my life when I couldn’t feel happy, especially during winter; because I got my happiness from sunshine and there wasn’t that much of it in winter. And I so loved the days when I got to see it! Your poems are so unique and so full of sensitivity!

    Liked by 1 person

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