a message from kiya

hi there,

how are you? it’s been a while since kiya has been creative on here. it’s been a while since kiya interacted with any of you. but kiya never stopped scrolling through your posts, or reading the pop ups in her emails. kiya remained proud of you all, and appreciated how you all made her smile, laugh, be amused, find something to relate to when reading your posts in silence. kiya also was incredibly grateful for those who continued to support her blog and insta page, and reach out via email.

kiya can’t promise she’s back to posting regularly. or commenting on a daily basis. but kiya is here with a lil update.

kiya struggled with sixth form, but she tried her best. she wanted to give up, but continued on with determination because of her amazing support system (shout out to those people who got her through – you know who you are). her results were okay; she was disappointed because her grade didn’t reflect her capability in one subject; she was surprised because she did alright in a subject she despised and feared failing. but overall, she was thankful she could close the door on sixth form life.

kiya didn’t want to go to uni. so she applied to apprenticeships. she got incredibly lucky and secured an interview, and late july, she began her job as a trainee account. right now, kiya works in an incredibly supportive environment where people allow her to grow, and are committed to helping her secure her best. she sometimes attends college on weekends to study for her acca papers in accounting.

when kiya reflects back on her life, she feels proud of where she has got to. she sees how she has grown as a person, how much more substance, confidence and resilience she has shown. yet she stills struggles with her emotions, and has much to overcome. she let go of creativity for a while because she thought she was poisoning people instead of helping them. she thought her words, or what she drew or what she chose to play on the piano contributed more negativity into the world. and in doing so, kiya lost an important part of herself.

but then she realised, if no one dares question the flaws they see, or portray other’s pain, how can the world grow, if we turn a blind eye to it all?

someone told her, we all carry sad things inside us. reading hurt helps humans feel less alone. and feel validated in their pain when others ignore them. helps evoke change through making people feel powerful emotions. and then touching into that inner compassion we all carry around so no one has to feel that pain we felt in that moment of reading about hurt. and thus opening up discussion and room for positive change.

that’s why kiya is going to start writing again. she started off lil with captions on her photography account kiyax_x and is now thinking of working on bigger projects. she wants to develop what she knows and explore new roads. if you would like to help kiya grow, she would love that please.

kiya would like you to give her prompts whether that be pictures, words, emotions, or topics for her to write creatively about. you can leave them in the comments or email her bloggerkiya@gmail.com. kiya is also open for creative/any collabs.

kiya would like to thank you all for sticking by her, and commenting with genuine support on her writings. it means a lot to her. kiya is always open for constructive feedback and ideas from her supporters.

thank you from the bottom of her heart.

she sends you her love


3 thoughts on “a message from kiya

  1. ᴇ ɴ ɪ ɢ ᴍ ᴀ says:

    Kiya sure had a rollercoaster time. I hope Kiya is all well and doing good. Kiya’s pictures are amazing. Kiya should really take up bigger projects. Having said that, Kiya should also write more often. Kiya writes pretty well too. If Kiya would be interested in collaboration on a prompt of sorts, that would be great. I hope Kiya likes the idea.
    Kiya is welcome for all the support from the blogger community. We are always there Kiya.

    Take Care. Keep Writing 😀

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