they’re killing him instead 

He’s painted

with broad strokes

of someone else’s perception;

they outline


to be bad

and they wrote

His story for Him.

He was predestined to fail

they said,

but alas

He’s the subject

of an unfair portrayal

that consists of heavy shadings

of corruption and wickedness;

they erase the goodness

in His heart,

and give rise to tones

of disgrace, deceit and rejection;

they try to contain His


within the thick marker

that outlines His silhouette

but oh

it acts as a prison cell

and oh

they fail to realise

in doing so

they reduce Him to


they make Him

retreat into an empty shell

as the view from His eyes

cannot be deemed



conformist to traditional


and thus

they think it’s in His

best interest

to chain Him to their wrists

and prevent Him from



but oh,

why can’t they see





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