we leave daggers in souls

we give up our names to others

to use with love

or contempt

we give up our age

to assumptions created by

people other than


on how not to behave

we sell our bodies

to the media sculptors

and our speech

to the common voice

of the nation


we give up our emotions

for others to cruelly

mould and remould

we loose our identity

amongst the fairytales

written for us by the stars

and idealised concepts

we forget what it is

to be human

as we drown

in the regulations

handed down to us by


of oppression


we cry when we’re told

and laugh when prompted

we refuse to speak in the silence

and walk in the dark

with a burnt out candle


we leave daggers in souls

and needle pricks

along bruised skin


we fail to love

with all our


and fail to accept


for the puppets

they’re not


we renounce

our freedom

when we

cooperate with outdated thoughts

and refuse to take a stand

for those who

are silenced

by the predatory


of the world

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