don’t need your forgiveness 

don’t you see these tears

that refuse to fall

when you see me as the sinner;

the one born with 

poison pumping through his heart, 

a heart that yearned to 

search for the best in you

but yet I kept on sinning

and you kept on preaching 

a sermon from your 

egotisitic scripture 

where you try make the sun orbit 


regardless of how I burned in it’s heat; 



to the mind

when you refuse to see these tears 

that refuse to fall

when you see me as the sinner 

yet I don’t 


your Forgiveness.

A/N I’m getting back into commenting on all your blogs again and responding to comments on mine. Thank you so much for all your ongoing support regardless of whether I’ve crawled into hibernation or not. It means a lot to me that you take the time out of your day to be super supportive. Couldn’t be more grateful 💙 

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