just hold on 

trying to heal yourself 

using the same broken pieces 

trying to restitch 

wounds that open again and again 

using salty tears and already weakened threads

so what if I’m not

everything I’m supposed to be 

right now 

whilst I’m trying 

to savalge the best in me 

when all that’s coming to light 

are the flaws

all evidenced with all

my wrongdoings

trying to rewire my thoughts

trying to rebuild me back up

using self-love instead of hurt 

trying just trying to exist

admist all the chaos 

we feel

hold onto that string

don’t let it slack

don’t let it go taut

just hold on 

even if your knuckles tear skin 

you and i

we can heal 

we can flourish 

from this trap 

we caged ourselves in

…more than you know

7 thoughts on “just hold on 

      • Abhijith Padmakumar says:

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  1. Kate says:

    *clutches heart* I know you said in your latest post that you’ve been posting “too much poetry” lately but I’m not complaining 💗 You put justice to the beauty of words, you word witch you. Also, I dunno if that was intentional but I love how your polish is cracked. And that and the brick wall contrast with the softness of the dandelion. It’s so poetic 😍

    Liked by 1 person

  2. flawed_silence says:

    *tries to clutch my rapidly melting heart* {do you realise how I cannot go a comment without mentioning how my heart is melting?}

    Thank you. Like those two words can’t even sum up how GRATEFUL I am towards your kind being 💜

    Oh and yes my polish is cracked because that’s how I roll…I’m too lazy to maintain them perfectly I just let them be 😂 THANK YOU SO MUCH


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