my heart breaks for all the things we


to acknowledge 

and all the lies we learn to


my heart 

it slowly cracks 

as i stand alone 

with broken souls

watching this make believe world

where everything is 


break down

shattered illusions

oh how it mirrors our broken homes

and broken lives 

we’re all broken

in one way or another

yet we refuse 

to acknowledge it 

for a broken world 

shelters us from our 

broken hearts

but amongst the happiness we reap from

anguish, tears and pain

we give the beating thud thud of our hearts

to those more broken than us

and in that way 

we stand together 

not fixed 

not healed

but united and scarred 

let us tonight 

have all our souls 

engulfed in the flames

of warmth and love

because we may be broken

but it doesn’t make us any 



or incapable of 



without the weapons

of destruction.


7 thoughts on “broken 

  1. richardmullen says:

    “We’re all broken.” I couldn’t agree more. Kiya. And too often we fall into the trap of judging our brokenness against that of others instead of seeing that brokenness is the one unifier we can always trust.
    When a ship sinks and the passengers make it to an island, they are all lost. One may have six children, another lives alone but is worth millions, and yet another may have just learned of a terminal illness, but they are all lost. They don’t judge their lostness. They all do everything they can as a group to be found. To be saved.
    Being broken is a lot like being lost, but we balk at seeing it that way. When I want consolation, I magnify my brokenness, but more often I do my best to ignore it by measuring it favorably against that of others around me.
    To me, your poem is a call to introspection. It is a wonderful effort.
    My best to you, Richard

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  2. thegeckoonline says:

    It’s true, I guess we are all a little broken (although some have gone through more hardships than others). We’ve all had sadness in our lives and things we wished we could change. I love how your poem then joined us together even though we’re not all healed . It’s beautiful 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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