be a 

​be a princess who knows how to

be elegant 

but also a princess that knows how to

walk around in scuffled shoes, and messy hair,

a princess that doesn’t hide behind flowers or etiquette –

and a princess that isn’t afraid to be known as 

the princess who doesn’t fit amongst the palace garden roses 

because they’ve drifted so far from social constructs   

and lastly

be the princess who knows how to live

without the crown on her head.

be a prince who can be someone’s prince charming

but not a prince who smiles and bows and stands up tall all day long 

be the prince not afraid to cry tears of sorrow

and the prince without the sword and the fast car

a prince that challenges the boundaries bestowed upon then

because they’re willing to go enroute from tradition 

and lastly

be a prince who isn’t afraid to abandon their castle for the real world. 

a/n : inspired by something on instagram

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