no matter the season

look upinto the stars.

photograph from Canva

the sunlight streams in
through the window
the chirping of birds
and the gentle hum at home
so peaceful,
so tranquil to breathe in

the way people find beauty
in all the blossoms of life outside
tulips, daffodils, roses
and the way nature
taking pride in its enchantment

it’s the observing eye
of someone at peace with their surroundings
drinking in the warmhearted scenes
of families united
and smiling at the peals of laughter
arising from young children as they
explore the world to find
compassion, friendship and joy

it’s how the blue sky
so tender and so airy
fills you with hope
and how much easier it is to for us to
at the picturesque landscape
we find ourselves drowning in

we appreciate
the gestures of love
and planned days out to the beach
or strolls in the woods
we photograph to remember
we hold hands and smile
and playfully run around
so freely on school fields

it seems to be a time when
everything’s beauty is magnified
rightly so
let us admire our quirks
and relationships, and live in the moment
rightly so
when there is no rain to dampen the mood

but let us not forget
to drown in the beauty of

no matter the season.



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