what does it take 

​What does it take 

for one memory to be erased 

and the rest to be appreciated

when right turns into wrong

and love merges into hate?

Even though we all tell ourselves

that it’s okay –

Love preaches forgiveness and

Time loans forget-ness.

But what do you mean

we cannot move on, be at peace?

The logic is to forgive yourself

but why is it that

however hard I don’t try 

Forgiveness doesn’t come to me cause 

I hate that I let me down

even though nobody’s perfect

I can’t bring myself to forget, 

just going to let the pain stain me

for I hate that I let me down

and hate that I broke my stand.

thank you for all the support in the form of follows, likes, comments and emails. love talking to each and every one of you. honestly from the bottom of my heart i appreciate you all. i’m taking a little break from responding to my emails for a while and will just be posting poems on here spontaneously. if you do ever need a supporting shoulder, send me an email and i will reply to you. because i’m here for you with a virtual hug. you can stalk my Instagram feed under whispersofart. 

much love always 

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