that one time 

that one time

you sat there thinking

about everything 

whilst the world kept orbiting the sun

yet your world wasn’t getting any warmer

or any brighter

or anywhere

and that one time 

you felt so alone

yet the hustle of people threatened to suffocate you

yet we felt so alone

because no one seemed to look beyond that strained smile

or the hunched figure

reassuring us with the word fine

and okay

words that have lost meaning

with every round  

don’t let that one time

you walked on by 

become someone else’s path to setting themselves on fire

because that one time  

we let ourselves believe 

that we were fine.

Written as a response to a challenge tag on Instagram. Please feel free to have a go yourself. Your challenge is to write a poem beginning with my last word which is “fine.”  You can follow me under the username whispersofart.


6 thoughts on “that one time 

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  2. thegirlwithnoname says:

    this. poem. is. so. good. i wish i had that sort of talent with poetry! also this kind of sounds like the inside of my head while i’m having an existential crisis…

    Liked by 1 person

    • flawedsilence says:

      I was writing this whilst having a sort of crisis to be honest. but the important thing to remember is that when we feel like we are totally alone, there are always people waiting to help us, but they can only help us if we let them. Sit down and start typing/writing away and let whatever is on your mind flow out. I think everyone is capable of writing something heart wrenching. And thank you so much for stopping by! Your comment made me smile.

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