happy december

hey everyone,

Pinch, punch, first day of the month, no returns!

So today marks the first of December and the weather is freezing cold but the sky looks amazing! I love how in the early morning and late evening the sky is tinged with a warm pink glow, and then during the day the sky is a beautiful, bright blue yet the grass is coated with frost. 

I love December because we get to gaze at the stars for a little longer as the night steals the light quite early on. The cheerful babble of Christmas songs flooding the streets as you walk through and the stunning house decorations can’t be found in any other month of the year. And we mustn’t forget the cute handwritten messages in cards, the bobble hats and knitted sweaters full of warmth.

But December is also the last month of the year, the last thirty one days before a new year starts and a time for us to appreciate how far we’ve come and be thankful for each and everyone. 

And this year to spread some festive warmth, I shall be participating in Blogmas where many collaboration and individual posts shall hopefully be posted on a daily basis.  

So I wish you all a happy December, and hope for an amazing month filled with heart tingling memories.  

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