Would You Rather ft Inspiredteen

 Hey everyone,
today’s post is a collaboration with the wonderful Inspiredteen and you can all check out her marvellous blog here! We decided to end the month of November with a more upbeat post so lets get on with the post!

Inspiredteen’s questions to me:

Would you rather have a dog that never stopped barking or a cat that only ever hissed at you?

A cat that only hissed at me because I am already scared of dogs (even if they are cute) so a barking dog would constantly put me on edge. With a cat, I think if I plug in some earphones, I’d be able to forget there was a hissing cat in the first place. And also hisses aren’t that loud compared to barks right, so then I would actually be able sleep somewhat decently considering I am a light sleeper.

Would you rather never eat pizza again for the rest of your life or only be able to eat it with your least favourite toppings?

Never eat pizza again because my least favourite toppings would be the food I dislike which means I wouldn’t enjoy the pizza.

Would you rather only be able to have cold showers or have warm baths but the water was a funny colour (but clean)?

Warm baths! I cannot handle cold water (but if you feel you’re sinking I will jump right over into cold, cold water for you). I’m so sorry,  I had to throw that song reference in. Every morning without fail, I have to have a hot shower or bath. Otherwise I can’t function and I don’t feel alert.

Would you rather only wear dresses for the rest of your life or only wear onesies?

Onesies because they are super cosy and warm. And I’m not really a big fan of dresses so to be stuck in one forever would be awful. Dresses aren’t that practical anyways if I wanted to continue running up and down stairs a few steps at a time, or preserve body heat.

Would you rather never read again or never watch TV again?

Never watch TV again cause I don’t really watch much TV to begin with. Plus Youtube is a pretty good substitute for TV. One thing for sure is that I can’t survive without books –  I could never betray my bookcases like that.

Would you rather never blog again or never listen to music again?

Ah this question tears me in two! I would have to settle with never listen to music again because I would just pick up an instrument that I can play and produce music that I can listen to. My go to instrument is the piano – I adore it so much. Blogging is just such an insightful and positive experience that I would not be able to not blog having experience the love I have for it.

My questions to Inspiredteen:

 Would you rather  be amongst the clouds and sky or on the sea forever?

This is a really tricky question because I’m scared of both heights and water… but I am much more afraid of water than I am of heights so I’d rather be amongst the clouds and sky forever. Water’s too scary.

 Would you rather be forced to read books you disliked for the rest of your life or listen to music you disliked for the rest of your life?

Read books I disliked for the rest of my life because I can cope with reading terrible books because they’re still interesting and it’s still a massive world to get lost in, however, I can’t stand to listen to music I dislike, it makes me get a headache, it makes me stressed, it’s really not good. Books are relaxing even if they’re bad – unless they’re vile murder novels – but music can be really stressful to listen to if you don’t like it.

Would you rather wear flip flops or winter hiking boots with every outfit?

Ah, this is so hard! Because I dislike flipflops and I dislike winter hiking boots. I guess flipflops would be nice in the summer – especially if you have pretty toenails. But then if you’re going hiking and have to wear flipflops that could end quite badly. I’m going to go with winter hiking boots because they can be comfortable, they’re suitable for lots of walking (which I do), they can also look really stylish if you get the right ones (in pink, of course!).

Would you rather sky dive or scuba dive?

I feel sick at the idea of both… do I have to choose? Can’t I choose to just stay on land? I guess, even though I have an immense fear of water, that I would go with scuba dive as I feel like there is a larger team of people to help you if anything goes wrong, where’s as if you’re sky diving and something goes wrong – or you’re an idiot and forget to pull your parachute then you’re done for, and I’m one of those people that would forget to pull my parachute and would then die as a result. Also, the idea of jumping out of a plane is terrifying and the idea of dropping backwards into water is slightly less terrifying. However, I also have a big fear of sharks and wouldn’t want to incounter any of them whilst scuba diving. But we’ll go with scuba diving, why not, it’s not like it’s actually going to happen… I hope.

Would you rather  be an actress in a musical or an action film

This is by far the hardest question because I actually want to be an actress, I have always said I want to be a movie actress because I feel the amount of things you can do with movies nowadays is insane – especially action films – but I take part in musicals every year and as bad as it sounds I’m always really jealous of the people that get the leads, even though I can’t sing and I can’t dance… I would love to be the lead in a musical but the question isn’t if I’d like to be a lead the question is simply what I would prefer to be in, I guess given that I’ve already been in three musicals I would go with the action film. Also, let’s face it, if someone came up to me and said “We’ve got the opportunity for you to be in a Broadway Musical or in a Blockbuster action film” we all know which one I would choose, I’d choose the action film of course!

Would you rather learn to play the harp or trombone?

Harp. I do play musical instruments – including a woodwind instrument – but brass instruments look way too hard for me to understand. I imagine the harp is a bit like the piano/guitar. I also thing harps sound much prettier than trombones even though I think all instruments sounds nice if they’re played well. But I find harps are more relaxing and peaceful to listen to, it’s the kind of peaceful music you’d listen to before going to bed whereas a trombone is what you’d set as your alarm ringtone or something that would get you really hyped.

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14 thoughts on “Would You Rather ft Inspiredteen

  1. Elm says:

    THIS made me so so happy! 🙂 Also you are both so similar to me! Especially the questions about books; my answers be pretty much be the same. Living in the sky would be beautiful, though.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Kate says:

    Kiya you’re scared of dogs? Me too! 😂😂 But I actually got used to my neighbors’ dogs. The huge ones I’m still scared as heck.
    And amen to the bookish questions. I’ll pick books at any day and in any questions 😁

    Liked by 1 person

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