The cramped room you’re suffocating in with a one way sign pointing towards a future carved out by everyone else but you.

The false knowledge that is engraved into your thoughts that second chances don’t exist. That fairytales are glossed over and that every cloud doesn’t have a silver lining.

The anxiety surrounding you as a person where you worry that you don’t check every tick box, and that you are surviving using the wrong manual.

The darted looks into your past and the foreshadowing of your future in a turbulent manner.

And finally the overwhelming fear you won’t achieve your ambitions. That you will be a failure and cause disappoint to loved ones.

But pressure can be erased if you focus on what is valuable to you, ignore the whispers of others and learn to prioritise goals that will help you continue onwards to your future. Don’t be swayed onto a teetering plank which doesn’t support your dreams.

Don’t let pressure remould your future.

Believe in yourself x 

6 thoughts on “Pressure 

  1. ThatGirlCalledAlice says:

    Oh my gosh you are such an amazing writer – you put this so beautifully (I am in awe of your writing skills!)! And I really needed this right now – thank you. ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

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