Let’s have a chat

Today’s post is going to be more on the casual side and possibly give away more about my character. It’s going to be reflective but also relatable at the same time. I want to talk to you about the symbolism September has to us British kids, and for everyone else, the start of a new education phase/term/semester/year. I would be so grateful if this conversation wasn’t one sided so please do drop by in the comments.

Disclaimer: this post could get quite long. Just a tad.

S u m m e r    B u c k e t    L i s t   R e v i e w

  • Spend time with my brother

The best moment was when my brother told me I can’t wait to get home from school now because I have so much fun playing with you. This week had been the best week ever.

Practically melted my heart.

  • Stay in touch with my friends over the summer.

Although I didn’t meet up, I did maintain frequent and sometimes daily conversations with my friends via whatsapp, email and call.

  • Get through an overflowing piles of books that are ready to be read (I am seriously looking forward to reading again – yep I’m a huge bookworm)

This is a work in progress but I love the feeling of knowing I always have a book to read.

  • Learn the guitar

I only learnt the chords for Let it Go.

  • Work on Grade Eight Piano

I’ve been working on two exam pieces that I love. They’re so beautiful. One is a Waltz by Chopin and the other is by Mozart.

  • Build up an art sketchbook

There are some days when my inspiration allows me to draw endlessly. Then there are days I don’t draw a thing.

You can take sneak peeks  at my sketchbook here.

  • Finish writing a novel draft

I was so determined and motivated to finish a novel draft for a competition but then I lost the drive. I decided to take a break from writing a novel for a while and enter next year.

  • Get into photography

Much love to my red camera. 

  • Learn coding

I learnt CSS and HTML. My previous posts with colourful backgrounds and text was created used HTML.

  • Make a scrap book photo album

There’s a long way to go on this. I’ve only sorted the photos I wanted to print for the album so far.

  • Volunteer again

I got an amazing summer volunteer job at a National Trust property and I loved every second.

  • Learn piano notes to songs I adore

I printed loads of piano sheet music and play them whenever I feel like it. My current favourites are One Call Away and Faded. Maybe I’ll post an audio clip one day – what do you think?

  • Bake again

Our kitchen was only installed last week. Before, our kitchen was literally non existent.

I made a pizza although it wouldn’t win any awards in a beauty pageant. It was yummy though 😉

  • Redesign my room

And that’s a no from me. Only did some tidying and rearranging bits and bobs.

  • Visit historical places, and go out to places that interest me and my family

We did a lot of this, this summer. You can read all about it here.

  • Survive induction day – not be shy and actually approach people and make friends

One went surprisingly well, the other okay, and the last one awful.

  • Work on some A level stuff to get a taste for Sixth form

I began on my enrolment tasks early because I wanted to keep a busy mind. Yet I managed to procrastinate Chemistry till the last minute. I still haven’t started it.

  • Play my musical instruments I haven’t touched in a while

I picked up my saxophone and was delighted to find I could still play it. Still loud as ever.

  • Go cycling in the woods again

I went once with my brother who fell off and scared me. Thank god he escaped with a scab to his elbow.

  • Blog frequently obviously!

Some weeks it seems I never shut up, and other weeks it seems I’ve turned into a ghost. Nonetheless, I think I’ve become more of a frequent blogger than before.

If you had a summer bucket list, how did it turn out?

S u m m e r    A i m s

I wanted to be more spontaneous during the holidays if that makes any sense and literally leap out of my comfort zone.

Yea, that didn’t happen 😞

However, I did expand my confidence online by leaving frequent comments on blogs. Something I hesitated to do before incase I wrote the wrong thing or sounded stupid.   Special thanks to ElmAnnaKate, Sav the LionL and Inspired Teen for responding to my comments with a smile worthy reply.

In addition, I decided to pop up to bloggers asking if they were interested in collab posts. Bare in mind I never initiate a conversation, let alone when I hadn’t a clue how it works.

I also sent of a CV and covering letter to a vacancy I was interested in. I’m still worrying I wrote something silly but at the end of the day they only know my name. . .and other stuff. But they’re too busy to hunt me down right 😭

What summer aims did you have and how did they go?

S c h o o l     H o p e s

– make new friends

– maintain old friendships until we’re all grannies and grandpas 😂

– keep up with the workload

– keep smiling no matter what

– take opportunities that scream awesome to me

– no longer be the girl that doesn’t put her hand up in class or talk much

– interact in class and form more

– manage time well

– revise from day one

What hopes do you have for school?

B l o g     A i m s

– Build up my supportive community

– Make more amazing blogger friends

– Participate in more collabs (email me at flawedsilence.gmail.com if you’re interested)

– Create  more blog posts in a similar manner as to now

What aims do you have for your blog?

S e p t e m b e r    S y m b o l i s m

To me September is a month full of uncertainties and a time when my comfort zone seems to shrink immensely. It’s a time when we’re thrown into the same environment with slightly more pressure as we become older and closer to adulthood.

September marks a new start where we are all running, wobbling, skipping, crawling towards the finish line. The line we cross to spend a relaxing summer away from school or nervously waiting for results.

We are all balancing on the step of life as we all grow not only academically but also physically and emotionally.  During this time, take the time to appreciate the small gestures but also to take in the enormity of each challenge you overcome.

As the autumn leaves fall ever so gracefully, we dance elegantly over the debris as our intelligence is allowed to blossom even brighter. Remember to chase after things that make you happy, and leave behind the things that cause sorrow when necessary.

Your hardwork will always be reflected in the future you are starting to build yourself.

What symbolism does September have to you?

I’m going to end this post wishing that your first day back at school goes smoothly, and that you leave the school gates smiling. After all, we only begin to miss the things we used to loathe when time begins to run out.

I’m going to head off now to sort my stationary and untag stuff now.

How about you?



11 thoughts on “Let’s have a chat

  1. Elm says:

    Now THIS is why you’re one of my favourite bloggers. You engage with your readers and make us feel happy for being us. Hmm, let me answer your questions:
    My summer bucket list was… Nah. I did SOME of it, but not much, which is rather annoying. But I loved yours! I can’t believe you’re grade 8 piano! 🙂 I love the song Faded; it’s just so beautiful. Have you heard Alan Walker’s new song?
    My summer aims… Pretty much the same as yours, honestly. I made one friend at induction day, and I haven’t done enough enrollment homework… Oh! And the September Aims too; I want to get out there more and be the person I actually want to be. Make new friends, not be shy.
    My aim for my blog is to really get to know bloggers. I’ve been doing this for a year, but I haven’t gone out of my way to PROPERLY talk to people recently. I want to fix that.
    Your post made me happy! Also, I just added you as a contributor for my site so that you can post my post, and all I have to do is approve it! 🙂
    Where did you learn CSS?

    Liked by 1 person

    • flawedsilence says:

      And this is why you are so amazing! You always go the extra mile to leave a comment x

      Which thing on your summer list did you enjoy ticking of the most?

      Me neither to be honest. Yes, you’re talking about Millionaire right? The background music is amazing and so unique!
      I managed to make one friend too at one of my inductions too haha.
      Go Elm! I’ll join you with the not be shy aim. We can discuss how well that is going every now and then aha.

      I learned CSS on this website called Code academy and it has many more courses too for free.

      Thank you!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Elm says:

        I think I might try it out! 🙂 Ohh I’m so looking forward to NOT being shy!
        Nahh, I meant Sing me to Sleep but now you’ve said it, I’m going to listen to Millionaire!

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Regina5000 says:

    Wow love this post!!! XD XD I wish ya all the luck!! XD ❤ XD Glad you accomplished all that, makes me happy!!!! XD ❤ XD ❤ XD
    And I think my next school year hopes are the same ax every year, just make new friends, get better at the subjects I'm not good at and procrastinate the least possible. XD
    And my aims for my blog are just keep meeting new people and making new blogger friends, that's all I want!!! XD XD
    Loved this post! So much! ❤ XD

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Kate says:

    Your kitchen ohmigosh! Baking posts yaaas! 🙌 Okay, no pressure here, I promise 😉
    But man, I’m so jealous right now as I can’t play any instruments. And yes! I totally want to hear an audio clip someday 😁😁
    I don’t really have any specific hopes for school, just that I won’t break down anytime yet. As for my blog, I feel like I have to create some semblance of a routine after these next couple of months since I’ll be back in Uni by November. And I want to make more blogging friends, definitely, and be able to create more connections outside blogging. Like with you! 😊💕


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