Confessions of a Book Addict 

Hey there and welcome to today’s first ever collaboration post on my blog featuring the fantastic Kate from Plethoric Thoughts, and together we bring you Confessions of a Book Addict! Enjoy 😉

We can’t speak for all the bookworms. And you’re gonna think we’re a whole new level of weird after reading this. But oh well… This is for the bookworms! ✊

I judge books by their cover most of the time.

I just can’t help it. The cover can say a lot about a book: do I know the author? Is the title interesting or cheesy? Is the design pleasing or kinda cheap-looking? (think cowboy romance pocket books, aw man those books) What does the blurb say? And ooh! It has a medal, yay!

I am anti-social when I’m hooked on a book

I’m inherently anti-social but only in small doses. However, when a book is good, forget I exist because at that moment, I don’t want to entertain people and be responsible of my social duties as a citizen of the world.

I could tolerate small font sizes or thick pages but not both

…unless the book is so engaging I see nothing but the page I’m currently in and the story happening in it.

If I’m so engaged with the characters at a scene, I would read their dialogues and act like I’m them.

I know. Weird. Who’s this girl, again?

Movie adaptations are automatically deemed not as good as the book. Unless it proves otherwise.

Which, in my experience, they hardly do.

Sometimes I want to know what happens next SO BAD, I skim and read the end.


I am not comfortable lending my books to someone who I don’t know reads books.

Or people I know has a history of mishandling books. Aka: twisting the spine 360 degrees. Especially the paperback.

My tear ducts are more susceptible to books than in my real life.

Like when I’m thinking of Hedwig…and Dobby…and *sniff* Manchee. Excuse me, I think a box of Kleenex is calling to me.

I end up with the most ridculous amounts of crushes on fictional characters.

Then I spend the rest of my life mourning the fact that they are fictional. I mean is it only me who thinks Apollo from the Hidden Oracle sounds pretty awesome? How about Thomas from The Maze Runner, Fletcher Renn from Skulduggery Pleasant or even Matt Freeman from The Power of Five?

I am overly protective of my books. 

If so much as a page crumples, or the cover is wrinkled, a little part of my heart shatters. When people I don’t really know well take forever to return my books, I am like a worried parent stalking the said borrower’s movement, trying to determine if my baby is safe. 

I would happily give up sleep to read.

I used to read in the dark by torchlight until I got caught multiple times hehe. Then I got a phone and began reading on there and my phone would promptly die when I needed it for school. And then be grumpy for the entire day ’cause I am tired and then repeat the whole process again the next night. Real smart right? Now I’ve mastered the art of not reading too much when it’s sleep time. 

I feel betrayed when someone I admire in a novel dies.

How could someone do this to me? How could the author be so cruel? I’ve literally become emotionally attached to the character. I need them in my life.

 I become oblivious to the world.

When I am absorbed in a book, you could be screaming at me to get my attention, and I wouldn’t even notice. 

Until you take my book away.

Sorry mum to all the times you’ve called me and I took years to reply.

I reply with a generic yeaaaah when you talk to me whilst I’m reading.

Then I would come to a boring or calmer part and think really hard. Did someone call me a while ago? Did I reply? Wait – did I imagine replying or did I actually move my mouth. I can’t remember. Wait what were they saying again?

I read random pages in the book before buying it.

Not the end or the start. Or the page that it suggests us to read on the front. Just a page that looks appealing to me.

I daydream about myself being one of my favourite characters or create a whole new character who just barges in and deploys a plot twist. 

So I know I don’t have special powers, incredible sass or like anything remotely amazing but like in this novel I’m starring in, I sure as hell do.

I save pins and wallpapers with novel quotes and extracts.

They become my screensavers over time depending on my mood.

I never seem to have enough books.

I’m hungry for more 😂 

I judge a book by how the title calligraphy is presented.

I know harsh right . . .but I’m picky. That doesn’t stop me from buying the book if I actually want it ’cause the plot rocks. 

I prefer to read a book in one sitting.

This annoys a lot of people, especially when I’m like give me a second, let me just finish this book. Like I can’t just do something else – what if the hero dies before I get back? 

I use book references to explain myself sometimes.

Like you know that time Annabeth tries to explain stuff to Percy and he’s like ugh I don’t understand…well that’s peoples reactions to me. And probably yours too if you don’t get the reference 😂

When I talk to someone who is a bookworm like myself

I can finally explode with all these questions and OMG moments. 

And that’s a wrap for today’s post. We hope you enjoyed it. Tell us in the comments below which ones you can relate to, or even better, your confessions! 

It’s been super duper awesome working with Kate. Be sure to give her blog a look cause seriously she is so talented at art and has a diverse range of interesting posts! You can read our other post on her blog here and gosh once you see what she has created using her artistic talent, you will be in awe.

Have a wonderful day!

22 thoughts on “Confessions of a Book Addict 

  1. regina5000 says:

    Omg if this isn’t relatable idk what is!! XD I love this post so much it’s so me!! XD XD I mean, I’m not a book addict but every time I get obsessed over a book, I do most of those things! Like, reading random pages at the store, daydreaming, judging a book by it’s cover, reading the last page before finishing… 😛
    You both did a great job on this post!!! XD XD

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Kate says:

    OMG reading a book in one sitting! Weighing between wanting to know what happens next RIGHT THIS SECOND and not wanting the book to be done. Literally the greatest bookish dilemma ever.

    Liked by 1 person

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