Hastings Beach 

Today I am going to be posting the final post out of four regarding my day trip to Hastings. If you missed the first three posts, you can read them here and here and here. You can also follow me on instagram flawed_silence for more photographs 😉

So the lovely outing ended down by the beach where the waves were crashing and the sky was so serene. We took a cable lift ride down to the bottom of the hill and walked through the village to the sea.

I have a collection of rocks and pebbles I’ve collected from different beaches at home. I always end up picking pebbles to skim on the sea and end up taking one home ’cause oooh it looks so pretty.

The little village surrounding Hastings seafront is so cute and filled with many interesting museuems, arcades, fairground rides, galleries and shops.

I took a lot of videos of the sea crashing down which is why the photo documentation is quite lacking. 

And that’s how our day trip to Hastings went. I would recommend visiting Hastings – there are so many places to see there including an aquariam which we didn’t get the time to go to. 

Thank you for reading. Have a wonderful day! 


17 thoughts on “Hastings Beach 

  1. Kate says:

    Yes! I love collecting pretty rocks as well! When I was younger I had this rock that was shaped like a round knife. Sadly, it’s lost now. 😢
    These are great photos, Kiya! 😁

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      • painterswife says:

        The new pier, the tiny Electric Palace Cinema if you’re here in the evening, Bullet Cafe (vegan) in town, the caves, the ghost walk, Waterfalls in Robertson St for gifts, Colin Bailey at Ryepress for wonderful prints of the town and me for very strange dolls! I love your blog name btw!


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