So tomorrow is Results Day . . .

This post is going to leave me feeling vulnerable. Well wasn’t that a honest start?

In all honesty, I am not really used to opening up on a virtual platform. Yet I am another British teenager waiting for their GCSE results tomorrow. Considering a few of you may be able to relate to this overwhelming sense of fear spiralling out of control, I thought why shouldn’t we embrace it together.

For the first time in my life, an envelope containing a piece of paper has managed to churn my mind with fear, doubts and what ifs. Every time the idea of results day looming up craves any attention, my mind would begin stressing over minor and major concerns. Sometimes it leaves me feeling as if I’m going to throw up since the butterflies in my stomach won’t just fly away and free themselves. And other times I just block, block and carry on with what I’m doing.

But results day is tomorrow.


And today is the day that most of us will stop thinking rationally and instead allow anxious thoughts to filter in and out of our thoughts.

Already, for the past week I have been refreshing the grade boundary tabs for reassurance that tomorrow will be okay. Now that the grade boundaries have come out, I have plans to curl up somewhere cosy and harshly judge if my self doubts are realistic or not. And of course my mind will continue screaming you could have done x,y,z and bullet point out an essay of what I could have done.

Deep down I know for one or two exams I could have studied harder. *cough computer science theory, physics cough* That I could have done better if I didn’t sit there  days before cramming in notes, and past paper practices all day, all night. And then there are the exams that left me reeling inside where I just wanted to hit rewind and sort myself out. The first exam left me crying; I cannot recall what I was doing in the exam hall. All I remember is panicking and then finding out there was ten minutes left and I was still staring at a few empty pages, and then scrambling through to finish it. This happened for a few other papers, and those I worry about. Lastly, are the papers I found relatively pleasant, the exams that I left feeling you did your best. However, now I’m sitting here thinking what if you messed up big time and you didn’t realise. Or what if my best isn’t good enough?

Spilling out all these thoughts onto here, I know that I’m not the only one. (Seems like I’ve managed to quote Sam Smith’s song).

And that’s why I’ve made this post because despite all these worries and fears that Results Day is hoarding up inside of ourselves, there has to be someone out there to remind you that you will survive tomorrow. Your success does not have to entirely depend on the grades you get tomorrow.

If you exceed all your expectations tomorrow, congratulations. I am honestly so thrilled for you, and wish you the best for your future.

However, if you haven’t got the results you were chasing after, stop. Wait a minute.

Did you put your tears, your determination and your effort into it? If it’s a yes, then you should be damn proud of yourself. Damn proud that you didn’t give up at the signs of difficulty and hard work.

If it’s a no, you have learned a valuable lesson. The rungs on a ladder to your dreams and ambitions cannot be climbed if you do not take a step forward. However, this is not the end of the world contrary to how teachers, friends, and parents may put an emphasise on the urgency to get flying colours.

Right now, whatever your results are, you have the choice to pave yourself a new path and be the one that picked themselves up after a shock, and battered through new obstacles.  There are a vast range of opportunities out there, and for whatever reason if you cannot go down your original path, there is more than one way to your future. Sixth form. College. Apprenticeships. BTECS. Employment. Online courses.

Success comes to those who have gratitude, those who have determination and those who work hard. It never falls to those who sit around dreaming big but putting in zero effort. Small steps can lead to a huge stride into conquering your hopes.

I want to finish this post by saying that yes we are scared. Yes most of us can’t stop thinking about tomorrow, but no, your results tomorrow does not define your intelligence. Instead it’s a large stepping stone towards us growing a little older, a little wiser, a little braver.

Do not beat yourself up tomorrow. Leave the past in the past, and focus on what you can do in the present to help you towards your ambitions. No matter what grade you get tomorrow, I will be proud of you because you got through the exam period. You sat the exams. Whether you studied 24/7 or studied a week beforehand, you still put in hard work and effort. So tomorrow when you open that envelope, smile a shaky smile, and acknowledge the fact that you tried. With all your might. 





26 thoughts on “So tomorrow is Results Day . . .

  1. Inspired Teen says:

    Good luck for tomorrow!! This post both made me really nervous and made me feel really prepared no matter what my results are! But it definitely reminded me that no matter what happens life will go on and I can still succeed in life (also I can always re-sit my exams next year because I sat them a year early.) 🙂

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      • Inspired Teen says:

        It’s not that you made me nervous, I was already nervous but reading this post just made it much more real that it really was tomorrow! After waiting for months to hear the results I don’t feel like I will ever be ready! Haha! Thank you! 🙂 I sat one last year (two years early), three this year (one year early) and I think I’m sitting four next year which will be at the same time as other people my age. So next I’m doing more GCSEs which will be sat May/June time I would imagine and then hopefully onto sixth form Sep 2017! After that Uni/Acting School! So excited! What about you? Do you have anything planned out yet or are you still uncertain (which is completely fine by the way!)? 🙂

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      • flawedsilence says:

        Ah I’m sorry. Sounds like soon you’ll be a pro at results day but then again the nerves are always going to be there if we care. All the best for your exams next year! And I hope today goes amazing for you. Let me know how it goes if you wish. Ooooh enjoy – I’m excited for your drama/acting career. I plan to do A Levels and then Uni if all goes to plan. Still uncertain what course I’ll end up doing but I have vague ideas of what I want to be doing, writing and working with people.

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      • Inspired Teen says:

        Thank you!! I got an A, B and a C which I’m actually pretty pleased with! I know loads of people that got only A* and A’s but I decided long ago to just be proud of my own achievements rather than to wish I had done as well as others. Hope you did well too! Haha! I’m excited for my drama/acting career too! I’m sure you’ll figure out what course is right for you sooner or later, but just make sure what you decided to do really is what you want to do rather than what others tell you, you should be doing! 🙂

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      • flawedsilence says:

        That’s amazing to hear – well done! That’s a really good attitude to have, and we should all try to adapt being proud of ourselves and our capabilities. I was pleased with my results too. Felt as if I was dreaming. I got 7A*, 3A and a B. What sort of acting do you want to go into? Theatre, musicals, screen? Thank you for the advice! Yes, I’ve told myself that whatever you end up doing has to be because you want to

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      • Inspired Teen says:

        Thank you so much! Your results are amazing too! Well done! You must have revised like crazy! I felt like I was dreaming when I got my results too (I cried, is that stupid??) I want to go into screen acting but I wouldn’t mind some theatre work as well. I enjoy musicals but I don’t think I’m good enough to ever get a main role and it’s a LOT of work because you have lines, songs AND dance routines – not forgetting stage directions and props! You’re welcome! Yes, definitely! I know so many people who are going onto further education or a career doing what their parents want or what is expected of them from teachers etc. and they are never happy with it…

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      • flawedsilence says:

        Thank you so much 💕 The hard work paid off and I’m so pleased, thank you! No, crying isn’t stupid – I mean results day is pretty overwhelming! Yes, that is so true. I’ve always admired the hardwork musical actors especially live theatre musical actors/actresses have to put in! Whichever direction you go in, work hard, believe and be yourself, and hopefully someone will realise your potential and give you a leading role.

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      • Inspired Teen says:

        You’re welcome! I’d never given much thought to musical actors and the amount of work it was until I was actually in a musical and realised how intense it was! Thank you so much for those words, they were so inspiring and much appreciated! I’m always surprised by how supportive and encouraging the blogosphere is and it always makes me so happy when people make comments like this about my career! You have no idea how much it means to me – I know that’s really cliché but it’s true 🙂

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      • flawedsilence says:

        I guess we overlook the challenges of each task until we experience it first hand. Aw that is so sweet, you are very welcome 😃 and yes, the blogosphere on wordpress is amazing and so supportive. Wonder if other sites are like this too. Btw, I sent you an email!

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  2. Elm says:

    Bloody hell, exactly. You said everything I’ve been thinking and more, and your post is so reassuring. It shows me I’m not alone, that it’s okay to be scared, but that whatever I get, I can move forward. I can’t thank you enough for that 🙂 good luck, and I’m sure that you’re going to do fantastically. You are always so positive and honest, and you help everyone with your words

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  3. nitapan14 says:

    ‘Your success does not have to entirely depend on the grades you get tomorrow.’

    To me success is surpassing my expectations and completing my goals. Whether that be on a test or a personal project.

    On another note, this post is making me quite worried. Although I don’t have to take ‘finals’ of any sort, each grade I receive will determine on what college I go to. (If I decide to go.) In a way, I wish I had finals.

    Sorry for that nonsensical rant. As always, I enjoyed your post.

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