Smugglers Adventure 

Hey awesome bloggers, I hope you’re having a wonderful day! 

Today I am going to be posting the third post out of four regarding my day trip to Hastings. If you missed the first two posts, you can read them here and here. You can also follow me on instagram flawed_silence for more photographs 😉

Smugglers Adventure is a network of caves (by the name St Clement’s Caves) and during the course of time it has served as an air raid shelter. Currently, the caves recreate and depict the 17th and 18th century stories of smuggling.

 Walking through the caves in the dark, staring at unique carvings in the walls and jumping in fear as the spotlight casts attention a lifelike statue is a great way to re-live the experiences of smugglers. 

This is the start of the cave trail. We had to wait at traffic lights for ages until we could push the gate and go in.

After I took a few steps in the dark feeling like nothing was going to scare me cause I’m brave like that, this waxwork lit up and I rushed to hug the other wall until I realised he wasn’t real. 

Literally we were walking in darkness. That may or may not be a flashlight I casually whipped out on my phone and gave to my brother.

Yep, we were walking in total darkness. 

Almost looks like an alien figure . . . I think it’s the glowing eyes.

In one of the caves we went into, the words “Please wait here whilst Hairy Harry comes to find you” (or was it Jack) was sprawled across the walls in darkness. Me being me allowed my brain to get incredibly creative as I began to think that either

 a) a human being dressed up holding a club or something was going to scare the sh!t out of me 


b) really cool effects of smoke and mist would make a three dimensional looking ghost to walk through me.

Turns out Hairy Harry/Jack was a tour guide dressed in role on the projector. Go me for being entirely rational.

In the middle of the caves, there was a cave room where we got to sit and watch a short video regarding the history of the caves. They used pre set waxwork scenes to help illustrate the story.

Throughout it we heard rattling and then discovered that it was a smuggler attempting to escape the jail bars.

This is the beautiful view above the caves.

To conclude this was an interesting place to visit and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you for stopping by!


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