Scotney Castle 

​On Thursday (the 11th of August) we took a trip down to the coast of Hastings. This is post one out of a series of four posts regarding the day trip so I hope you enjoy my ramblings and photographs. You can follow me on instagram under flawed_silence for more photographs 😉 

Scotney Castle’s earliest record of people living there is 1137, but from 1778 the Hussey family occupied it until it was passed to the National Trust after the death of the residing Hussey. 

The house which is on the same land as the castle is quite elegant and I simply adore the wallpapers used to decorate some of the rooms.

The texture of the wall is kind of wierd but also kind of comforting too as the colours merge in together. 

Look at these wallpapers 😍 Aren’t the designs so pretty? Which one is your favourite?

It’s only fair that I show you the ceiling and door panels now. 

Look at all these books! One of these bookcases is actually a door…a secret door…

Every time I go into a house with a massive library, the gears in my brain try to figure out ways to cram in extra book shelves in my house. Considering I have three book cases already plus book piles casually sitting where they please on tables and “storage” cupboard shelves.

Imagine if a food fight or argument erupted at this dinner table.

I think this looks pretty cool and organised. 


I think this is the metal black trunk found in the attic that contained a collection of items from a commanding officer  of the Royal Artillery of the Fifth Division in the First World War – Brigadier General Arthur Hussey.

Love the vibe in this corner.

On the little walk to get to the castle, we had to go through a quarry. It was quite fun clmabering over steps and avoiding slaps to the faces with tree branches. Here’s a little fun fact for you all: in the quarry there is a footprint of an Iguanadon. Sadly I didn’t keep an eye out for it since I only found out after we got home. 😟 Yay me

The castle is surrounded by a mini moat.

The views out of a window.

These ducks are so ADORABLE 😮 The mama duck was just sitting there protecting her child and occassionally posing for my camera. 

Oh and these are the stairs in the castle and they really put me on edge. I felt like they were going to collapse beneath my feet and that everything was tilting 😭 

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you have a wonderful day 😊 


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