Today we visited the gorgeous place by the name Stowe which is located in Buckingham. From the minute we drove through the entrance gate, all I could think of was wow, the Camp Jupiter/Camp Half Blood vibes are super strong here. Literally, I could imagine demigods training here, and for those of you who are yet to discover the world of Percy Jackson, please excuse my obsession with it, but I’m sure my blogger friend Kate will understand the feeling – you guys should totally check her blog out!

Oh and before I begin talking you through my photographs, I want to mention how grateful I am for every one of you making time in your day to stop by my blog. Today is my one year blogoversary and here’s to meeting more awesome bloggers. Thank you so much guys for being amazing!

So the photos didn’t exactly load in chronological order but spontaneity is great too! This is a mystery board game we brought, and I can’t wait to play it tomorrow. I’ve been wanting to get a similar game from a while ago, and finally I’ve got my hands on one.


This is one view of the house from beyond the massive front lawn. I can’t tell which is the front and which is the back since the architect of both sides are nearly the same.


Okay, this by far is one of my favourite buildings I’ve ever seen in person. It reminds me of a haunted house from a couple of vivid stories and movies. We discovered you can stay a few nights in there (like a hotel room minus the tv) surrounded by all the nature; we’re going to be looking into that further – it seems like an amazing idea. Although if the thunder and lightening decided to show up, it might be a bit scary.


This is the name of the haunted house looking building I was rambling on about a few photos above. A fitting name don’t you think?


There are so many paths you can wander down, all of which lead to different monuments and temples dotted around the greenery.


I walked into this room, more like an opening, and was like WOW. I mean the ceiling is just breath taking. IMG_0555

The massive pillars of the house.


I am so jealous of whoever previously lived in this house. I mean this library can fit in all my books plus an entire truck loads more.


This is the breath taking ceiling I was talking about.


Another shot of this breath taking ceiling.


A lion guards the house. I instantly thought of Aslan from Narnia when walking down and up the stairs.


This is a more recently built but still kind of old building near the front of the entrance area to the long walk through woodlands to the main house. It’s called the New Inn and is quite cosy looking.


And now we are back to more photos of Stowe.


Below the steps is a mini waterfall. One of my favourite spots to stand by at Stowe.


A second hand bookshop up a loft. We had to climb up many stairs.


I would highly recommend visiting The Stowe if you are a lover of nature walks, and gawking at amazing architecture, and also imagining up scenes of Percy Jackson happening whilst you’re there.

In the basement of the house, there is a more interactive set up where screens in the wall explain the history behind Stowe House using actors. and animated scenes. There are also exhibitions in glass cases to look at. If you want to, you can also choose to walk around with phones (I think that’s what it was?!) and a pair of headphones that tell the story on the screen as you go along.

Today was a great day out, and I hope that yours was a great day too.



3 thoughts on “Stowe

  1. Kate says:

    Oh man. Oh man, oh man, oh man. Percy Jackson + Narnia + Haunted House??? I never thought my imagination could run THIS wildly! 😍
    And that gated place with the cave-like entryway? Like the 9th photo from the last, I think. That looks like the entrance to the Labyrinth and they don’t want mortals to enter it. Oh, and the New Inn! Imagine if the cooking area still works, I want to live in that place! 😆


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