Once Upon a Time

Once upon a time there was a boy who kept things locked up tightly under a padlock in his mind. He didn’t let anyone see what was actually written on his heart and instead he mastered the arts of smiling happily when in fact deep inside he was feeling lost. Terrified. And wallowing in sadness.

At nights his thoughts would often lull him to sleep with tears; during the day, little things put him down and his strength began to weaken as he began telling himself he was losing control of his life. No one understood him he felt. No one seemed to get that when he said I’m okay, he really needed someone to help him get through I’m okay to I’m brilliant.


And all because of that one secret he was bottling up.

One day he couldn’t take it anymore. He couldn’t mull there his entire life waiting for someone to be observant enough and guess what was happening.


So he opened his mind and let his thoughts stumble out in a letter yet he didn’t have the confidence to give it to anyone. Because the letter was so raw of emotion – so full of the truth.

Instead he told someone one sentence summing up the what of the why he was feeling like this.

He wished he could take those words back, but he wished he could let all the words out couped up inside him.

Slowly but gradually another word got added to the initial sentence, and soon someone was able to help him feel a lot better about himself – about his life.

That someone was able to reassure, able to make him smile, able to comfort, able to advice and able to listen.

It was all he had needed at the start, but by taking the leap of faith and unlocking his mind, he had helped himself.

It may not be completely under his control anymore, but now he had someone to look out for him when he was at his lowest, and someone to surf the joys of his life with him. Together with his someone, this boy was slowly building his self back up to who he was as a small innocent child before the cruel people in the world scarred him.


And this boy would like to leave you with a message

“If you’re treasuring a secret that you know shouldn’t be kept a secret, but you’re scared of the consequences, or the toll it’s going to take on you, think of the feelings you’re already holding guarding that secret. If you feel trapped under all the negative thoughts swirling in your mind, it’s time you opened up to someone, even if it’s just a word or a colour you’re feeling. That someone should be someone you trust – someone who has proven countless times that they have your back. Silence is never the solution to suffering. Likewise, it doesn’t hold the key to happiness.”

Blogger’s note : a piece of fiction created by myself in order to highlight to both observers and people with a lot on their mind to consider maybe telling someone someday about how you’re feeling. If not now, maybe sometime soon . . .

I would like to leave you with this final thought


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